Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Kidney Stone Extras

the dang thing is still rattlin' around in there. UGH.

Last night, after I finished reading to Saul (yes, he is 14, yes he can and does read voraciously by himself - nightly reading before bed is STILL a lovely practice he allows his parents to do - great bonding time)

I stood up from his bed, had an instantaneous wave of fever, pain and nausea... and was CONVINCED! ... i had the 'rona.

then I remembered, i also had a HUGE pain in my guts, and it felt like I had to poop.

New Mantra "if it hurts and you cant poop - its PROBABLY Kidney Stones"

I took some of the pain killers the doc prescribed, and an anti-nausea, drank lots of water, and went to bed slightly worried.

About 5am, Penny wanted to go outside - i got out of bed, and felt much better. Its not the 'rona ---- its that dang stone rattling around, poking things from inside...

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

 second week of new job  - they allowed me to come back - I take that as a good sign

there is tons of opportunity - and i am having to hold myself back while I learn
dont be that guy - the one who comes in and knows how to change everything for the better --- until you know what everything does

i'm learning and hoping to contribute.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

 Nov 9 - 2020  - new employment

Started new job in the midst of the Corona Pandemic.

How will this work?   I am a contract-to-hire (If I do good and they like me - they will hire me)

I am working for DataNetIT - and can never thank my pals Steve, Inder & Bindu enough for helping me find and place here.

High hopes for new stuff to happen, they give me the knowledge and opportunity to truly make a difference


Saturday, November 07, 2020


 someone, on some forum posted a video of some guy almost hitting a cow in the road --- and it rmeinded me of this little incident from long ago


it was around 1988 or 89, and I was hauling biscuits out Old Bee Caves Road outside Austin.  I think I was on a RD250, but it may have been a DS7.   Clubman bars and a cut down seat,  Bassani chambers.   zippity zip through the esses at a decent speed,  at dusk  -  when a damn DEER jumped out in front of me

then I woke up, my shoulder hurt, but i could not SEE anything, and I felt really slimey. --- and I heard these guys sayin "do ya reckon that kid is even alive?"

i tried to take my helmet off, but for some reason, couldn't touch it...     because?

my helmet, and my head, was stuck inside the damn deer.   I apparently T-boned it, my helmet went through he rib cage, and i was layin on the street, with the rest of me sticking out.  When I managed to extricate myself the 2 guys who were in a truck behind me when it happened were AMAZED.  "he is alive, lets help him"

i broke a collarbone and a few of my ribs.   definitely broke ALL of the deers ribs, and managed to mess up the J-C Whitney 'salad bowl" fairing, bent the forks a little...

the guys in the truck said they'd load the bike and drop me at St. David's hospital, IF!!!!   I wouldn't tell anyone and let them have the deer.

15 or 45 mins later, my bike and I are in front of St Davids,  and I go walking in with my black leather jacket, jeans and engineer boots,  dripping blood and deer entrails

got very fast service when they heard motorcycle accident.   and saw the carnage.  

Once we cleaned me up a little, and they realized most of the intestines were NOT mine...  things calmed down some.  The nurse called Old Man James, who brought a trailer for the bike, and some Pearl Light Beer, ..... in case I needed it.

they gave me the x-shoulders brace and told me to stop riding bikes.   OMJ loaded the Yamaha onto the trailer, and took me and the bike home,   laughing and regaling me with stories of one time he did something similar.

fixed the bike as the shoulder healed.   years later - was disassembling the horn,  ....it never worked after the crash -  found out because it was STUFFED full of deer fur.

with hindsight, I'm surprised i did not crap my pants.

Thursday, October 15, 2020


(imagine fancy graphics here)

 JLL Marketplace with a View from the Field

“I’d tell any JLL employee who is not using JLL Marketplace for their account to get with the program!”

– Charles Statman, Operations Manager (Applied Materials)

Charles Statman is a JLL Operations Manager responsible for maintaining a Research and Development Wafer Fabrication plant for JLL client Applied Materials. Charles and his team of 18 Union Stationary Engineers maintain 95 percent uptime across Applied Material’s chemical and water treatment plants, clean rooms, air scrubbers, HVAC and Building Management Systems often conducting their work around massive storage tanks of corrosive and volatile chemicals. This team began using JLL Marketplace in March of this year and it has quickly become their standard for ordering all their supplies to keep this unique facility operational, safe, and environmentally accountable. We recently sat down with Charles to learn more about their experience with JLL Marketplace at Applied Materials

JLL Marketplace: Charles, thanks for taking the time to tell us about your experience with JLL Marketplace. You obviously run a very unique facility. Tell us what that is like.

Charles: Even during the constraints of COVID-19, we’ve been working on site around the clock at Applied Materials. Our client never sleeps, so neither do we - 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Because of the volatility of some of the chemicals we work with, our plant maintenance goes beyond basic HVAC, plumbing and electrical. For instance, at our facility we have HVAC units that run on banks of 40 filters at a time. Our site also includes wastewater treatment for heavy duty chemical waste. When you’re filtering hydrofluoric acid, sodium hydroxide and anti-scalants through a maze of pumps, motors and 20-ton scrubbers, something is bound to go wrong. We need to be ready to respond to issues that arise as quickly as possible to achieve our 95 percent uptime target.

JLL Marketplace: That certainly is a unique environment compared to other facilities JLL operations. How does JLL marketplace fit in?

Charles: In this strange “new normal” that we’re working in, the speed of fulfillment through JLL Marketplace has been a major differentiator for our client. I often get calls late at night saying, “Something is broken, we need parts now.” Using JLL Marketplace, I can have them ordered, approved by management and ready for pickup at Grainger will-call the next morning. Since we operate in a clean-room type of environment with protocols only heightened by COVID-19, it may take weeks, yes, WEEKS for something to work through the client’s receiving dock to get to our guys. The time savings we’ve been able to leverage with Grainger’s in-store pickup have been phenomenal. Applied’s previous provider didn’t have anything like JLL Marketplace so they aren’t used to this kind of turnaround. They are very pleased with our performance as JLL as a result.

JLL Marketplace: Besides the speed of getting what you need, how else does JLL Marketplace help?

Charles: Since we started using Marketplace in March it quickly became our standard for our common supply needs as we expected. But with an R&D facility, we also have many one off, hand-built tools and parts that we historically purchased from local, mom and pop-type shops. With JLL Marketplace we’ve been able to leverage Grainger’s special order desk to offload that sourcing responsibility to JLL Marketplace, which saves us the time of sourcing these one-off product needs and allows us to focus more on the client. That’s been a pleasant surprise.

It has also really helped us with our spending process. For instance, the purchase history reminders we get on the platform keep us from ordering things like a bulk shipment of air filters too quickly after our last order. Thanks to the ease of use and savings driven by Marketplace, our spending was reduced by 75 percent. The discounts are often such a high percentage I have to look twice! The union engineers really like the platform as well and want to know when they’ll be getting their own credentials so they can start ordering too.

JLL Marketplace: Any final words of wisdom for those considering JLL Marketplace for their client?

Charles: Based on my experience, I’d tell any JLL employee who is not using JLL Marketplace for their account to get with the program! It’s as easy to use as Amazon AND – it allows you to easily track all your orders in one place. It is easy, transparent and fantastic! 


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