Saturday, May 30, 2020

Current Job is VERY concerned bout health --- well, no, but they are concerned about liability.

The "process" changes often - but basically the essentials jump through some hoops and sign off that we are healthy.

NEW process?  answer a daily questionnaire on a phone app, including taking your temp.  SO?  they handed out free thermometers.... made in china.

NOW I'm not a total conspiracy whack-a-doodle, but?  I am a student of history
Lord Jeffery Amherst, Siege of Fort Pitt, Chief Pontiac, 1763???

Still doesnt ring any bells? 

the 'government' waged germ warfare on the Ottowa Indian Tribe by giving them free blankets, formerly used at a Smallpox ward.


I understand the client for my benevolent employer is just trying to cover themselves from lawsuits, and they are truly trying to be flexible and move with the tides as we ALL learn about the 'rona together.  But I'd sure feel better of the answers didn't involve putting something that shipped from the origination hot spot of the virus? into my mouth.

On the "much more fun" part...

I am thoroughly enjoying building stick and tissue models.  Some from kits, some from plans only, some just from thin air, balsa, and tissue....

It is very relaxing and zen to sit, cut and sand, glue, measure, repeat, and turn it slowly into something that flies...

Some planes fly great - and will accompany me to the park
Some planes are dogs... i try, and if i cannot trim them?  well - lessons for the future.

Off to deal with the kid and real dog
Have the best day possible

Monday, May 25, 2020

memorial day yak shaving

Yak Shaving in the Rona times --- or? how I wasted a memorial day

I am gonna sleep late! NO one is gonna wake my butt up. --- except the boy and dog in bed at 6:30 wanting breakfast and to go out and play.

up and at em. Brekkies made and fed. I need to drill a small hole in a bit of metal. I want to better hold the flagpole in the front yard. It is memorial day.

put flag up anyhow

I will go use my --- argh -- i forgot the drill press is broken. there is a rod and tube that adjust space between motor and drill, so you can change settings on the pulleys - and the tube is broken. OH, and the motor has a bit of a short, probably that dent in the back of the motor case.

I'lll fire up the MIG welder that's been sitting, and weld the crack... yeah, I never build an adapter cord so I can plug the Welder into the 50a plug in the garage (yes, 2 years)

Sara is going to take Saul and Penny to see if Penny is nice to someone elses dog for 'reasons'. 10:07a- they leave.

10:15 - im dressed and headed to home depot to buy the electrical parts I need to make a safe, functional adapter for the welder. And a grinding bit, to take some metal out for the weld - and.. OH, look, grass is on sale --- and Succulents.

I buy some Wooly Thyme to add to the fragments that are trying to start in my yard, and about 5 more rolls of sod to put down where its just dirt and crap.

then I get all home, and have to vacuum all the dirt out of the back of the van

get sod laid and watered, get Wooly Thyme, aloe, and some Lantana planted and watered.

into the garage, lay out all the electrical - build the adapter I need. Disassemble and clean the drill press. Disassemble the motor - bang out the dents, clean it, reassemble - set aside for after welding.

I am out of welders-mix - the gas that makes a 'shroud" around the weld, so you get a clean weld --- ok, I'll clean up as best I can - and just farm-boy it.

and stop - party time -- well, no, - but I take a hike to Ed Levin park - to get my legs moving. Sweat out some junk, and generally feel better.

go pickup Saul and Penny

get home

PLug in the welder, test, and weld --- not my best work. I clean it up with a grinder. today - I am not a welder, I am a grinder.

Paint it


tune everything - it works great.

mount it back on the workbench

clean up the welder - take the tank out to get refilled.

clean up the garage

take shower

its time to feed the boy

--- (notice I never drilled the hole in the flagpole)

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Thanks to my pal Vikram for sharing this brilliant video of how an Indian mfg company is taking corona safeguard practices

if American companies would take it that seriously?  Instead of the cockamamie BS practices they are using now?   It would truly make a difference

Current safeguard where I am an “essential” involves me answering a 4 question survey on my cell, driving around in the parking lot, showing my phone, then getting a wristband showing I answered the survey

Which?  Everyone answers : no - no - no - no to anyhow -  else ya can’t work, and can’t get paid

I like the doors, temp scan, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting teams

Saturday, May 09, 2020

essential my keester....

---the "class divide" is strong.

super wealthy - wearing extremely expensive (and mostly useless) respirators, gloves, gowns, - for their daily costco trip to buy and hoard whatever they can get....

and the rest of the masses competing with them to "get mah stuffs"

while all us poor saps forced to go to work daily?
cause we are "essential" -- know?

the only thing we are essential for -

is shareholder earnings.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Dad, I cannot sleep.

Amicably divorced ex-wife and I are focused on our beloved son.  HE is why we are civil and calm, you must be.  The rest of his life? We will still be his parents, and need to be able to go to events with class and politeness.

Every other Sunday the boy and the dog switch houses.  Week with Dad, week with Mom.  I’m sure you know the drill.  According to the boy, Dad’s house is the house of discipline, structure and schedule.  There are chores to be done.  Wake up exact same time daily  Routine is expected and established.  Mom’s house, however, is the house of creative arts, excitement, hang loose, do-as-you-please … but dinner is not always on the table at 6pm.  Through these differences, he is learning to navigate the grey areas, and how to be more self sufficient.  With two parents and a rescue dog who love him greatly.

“Dad, I cannot sleep”  standing next to my bed at 2:15am.  “I am anxious about things, and I need to talk”

My brain wanted to say “Get to your bed before I paint your back porch bright red”….. however, I knew “in these uncertain times”.

I let him climb into my bed.  Dog followed.  Three beings in a full sized futon, at least two of the beings had pretty fierce gas as well.  The fancy mental doctor at Stanford’s Pediatric Children’s Center that helps with high-functioning autistic spectrum-boy recently gave solid advice.  “He is 13.  You are not hurting him letting him sleep in your bed.  In another year or so? He will never want to be in your bed again, enjoy the time you have”

Channeling my father (may he rest in peace) I asked “Well Son, what’s on your mind?” not saying “that isn’t so important it cannot possibly wait till after 6am and I can get some needed rest”

Completely bowled over by the discussion
I am anxious
I am worried about the ‘rona – what if I get it, and give it to someone else
Will you keep your job
Do I have to go to a new school next year
I have weird dreams
Penny is farting
Can dogs get the ‘rona
Will you die
What happens if you die before mom
How can they say go back to work – but there is no cure or vaccine
Why do people think money from the government is free
What do they call the ‘rona in France
How can I help find a cure
Did you know Chocolate is the best ice cream
I think that lady down the street likes you
If I am home all day, why do I have to wear clean underpants
Where does your poop go when you flush the toilet
I hate the possum in our back yard digging up plants, but I don’t want to be a hater
Grandma Jan’s minivan would look cool with 24” rims
I’m glad she didn’t live to see the ‘rona – something her chicken soup cannot cure
I’m teaching myself C-sharp so I can better utilize the unity gaming engine platform
I think a girl in school likes me

and he kept going…. At risk of being overbearing… I stopped him.

Son – it is normal to be worried about the future.  A really wise gal I once dated,  yes, she was so wise she ran offt cause she knew I was nothing but trouble,  anyhow, she told me this phrase, I hope it helps you.

“We cannot know the future”

Its true.  We want to know, we wish to know, but the future is an uncertain place that has not happened yet.  If you spend all day worrying about it? You risk missing out on the present.  Which is lost to you when it becomes the past.

I know you see all sorts of scary stuff in the news, on the interwebs, on social media.  This is an uncertain and scary time.   BUT!  You are doing your best to stay healthy.  You are sheltering MOSTLY in place.  You are minimizing the Vectors of disease, by not spreading it around.

But you cannot live in fear.

In 1665, when London was in the grips of the Bubonic Plague – (it has nothing to do with boobs) – Sir Isaac Newton socially distanced himself at his family’s farm north of Cambridge.   Where, isolated, he invented Calculus.  Think of how freaking bored he had to be, to invent calculus!

Saul actually already knows how to do integration to measure the area under a curve – at 13, by the way, I did not fully understand it till my late 20s.

Sir Isaac had choices.  He could sit around the farm and mope about, OR he could do something productive with his time, while being socially distant.   No cell phones, iPads, laptops, internet.  No way to check up on the pretty ladies.   He was at a farm.

THINK of the amazing things you could do -  if you logged off Minecraft for a bit, worried a little less, then got productive.

AS with ANY discussion of calculus – his eyes grew heavy, and he finally went to sleep.

Leaving me WIDE awake to ponder the effect of the shelter-in-place on his peers, at home and afar.  All kids going through this now.   Parents are losing their minds, instead of sheltering kids form the bad – they are allowing them to dive into the toxic media cesspool, and suck up all the fear

I’ve heard reports of anxiety, weird dreams, odd fixations.   It makes me sad.  Kids shouldn’t worry about the future so much.  They should have time to celebrate the present.  Till they get older and have to take care of other people.   Then?  They can have all the fierce anxiety, mental issue, etc, all adults do now.

How can we make the world better for kids at home?

I’m getting mine to play with airplanes and read books.   Sure, the books are a little ahead of him.  Great,  he can catch up later.

Do your best.  Be kind to others.  Stay the Fuck at Home.   And for cryin out loud – do anything you can to make a kids life easier.

NO going out for chicken noogie and tootie wipes.

Stay home (unless your job wont let you)

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