Wednesday, August 06, 2003

it IS about humor and positive mental attitude, right? Well, I was telling my sister that my folks are here, and every time I get ready to try to 'go' someone seems to be in the bathroom. She replies:

> You are sick, therefore, you have a superior right to the CAN than anyone else in your house. If a log
> jam should occur in the future, I suggest you scream "get out of the Goddam shitter before I explode!
> I've got a crap on deck that would choke a horse!"

now, I have a big, huge scar on my lower belly that is healing, and I just laughed so hard, I may have ripped it open.

as you may know, one of the issues with anesthesia is it stops your digestive system. So it takes a while to crank back up. Well, it just cranked back up, and I am very happy, but not quite a "horse choker"

yay! positive mental attitude and humor

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