Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Had lunch with Herb, International Playboy, and his dad. Original Joes. 1/2 Ravioli, 1/2 Spagetti, small size plate, thanks. And OH, how yummy it was. Not only is Herb married, they are pregnant. A BOY! A Herb the 3rd. Oh, this was wonderful news. This is the kind of news I wish I could hear every day. Friends having kids. Ohhh, wonderful.

It was great to see Herb. His dad and I were in strong agreement, if you are a normal, healthy, 35 year old male, you really should have some basic blood work and a physcial done, just to KNOW what is happening. This cancer is proving to me more and more, preventative health care works, but you gotta ask for it in the US.

After, I went to the OSH, picked up some grants kills ants, ant stakes for the yard, put them out, took another shower, and the hair is coming out in clumps. BIG clumps. I'll have Sara take a photo when she gets home, then we will go out on the back porch and hit it with the #1 clippers. I cannot have big clumps of missing hair. ick

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