Saturday, November 15, 2003

Saturday afternoon. Raining. Bed. Lazy.

Not that I feel poorly, cause I don't, just tired. Mentally and physically. This morning I wanted bacon for breakfast. I LOVE the smell and taste of bacon. But it has to be well cooked. crunchy, not flappy. Amazingly, my wonderful fiance Sara the Fish-A-Terian (vegetarian what eats fish) does not cook bacon. Nor could I ask her to.

We pile into the Mighty Festiva, and drive about 3 blocks to "Leo's Coffee House" on the corner of Ironwood and Almaden Expressway. Till very recently, Leo's was knows as "Taqueria Almaden" but apparently under new management, with 32% more English spoken, and voila, Coffee House.

Picked as best of best of bay by Wave magazine, Scroll down to "Best Breakfast"

Foolish kids we are, we both order omelettes. Leo's makes FOUR egg omelettes. Neither of us can finish a 4 egg omelette. Sara had Spinach & Mushroom, and reports it was yummy, I had the Three Meat omelette, containing eggs, bacon, sausage and cubed ham. Could have done with a 2 meat omelette, while I like Bacon, I do not like ham. go figure. Rest of it was yummy, and I DID feel I had a protien fix for the day.

So much so that when we got back home, I crawled in bed and slept of my first genuine food coma in months. No barfing (yet) just tired.

Last night we watched a movie. One of the wonderful things Sara brought to the relationship was introducing me to film work of "Beat Takeshi" An angry Japanese man in a black suit and sunglasses that just kills everything. Explosions, Car Chases, Gun fights, but not too much boobs. Still, rates HIGH on the list of factors a movie should have to hold my attention. Even the subtitles are okay, cause he does not talk that much. I'll say this, Beat Takeshi flicks make up for most of those 'art house' movies she makes me go see.

Friday morning I was gonna drive over to the old condo to pickup some mail that was left for us. On the way I stopped at Noah's Bagels for a salt bagel with cream cheese, too much salt. And a Jamba Juice Strawberry Tsunami (small) to wash down the bagel. I wiped most of the salt off, and got almost the whole juice down. YAY!. Picked up mail, saw my pal Margaret, chatted with her for a bit, then got Hijacked by our other neighbor Tom for a while.

Got home, realized I had, indeed, overdone it, and was in bed most the rest of the day. 3pm had a conference call with Keith and Larissa. Yay, they are keeping my team running.

played internet for a while, found this plane, the Southern X2 as a possibly cool, indestructible RC plane. (no need to install the language pack if you hit the link. Trying to get Sara to translate for me to see if I can order it.

What else? Oh, more emails about what a big stinking hypocrite I am. YAY! I want the country to have reginal differences, but I also want cheap stuff from Home Depot. Damn. There is not an answer. We are doomed.

But at least MacDonald's has clean bathrooms.

I have enough rides home for next week's chemo, and will need to line up 2 more for Monday & tuesday the NEXT week (Hydration week) I am already getting anxiety about next week. I am soo ready for this to be over.

Anyone in San Jose need a FREE 4-drawer metal HON brand locking filing cabinet?

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