Friday, November 21, 2003

Thursday night OJack visited, we ordered pizza from Metro Pizza on Pearl street. My pal Julia recommended it, and I must report, once again, she picked a winner. I had boring cheese pizza, while Jack & Sara shared a veggie delight with mushrooms and olives, and all sorts of things that veggies like on their pizza. We watched the James Bond flick "die another day" which I have already seen, but must say, cool toys.

Friday morning, slept late, woke queasy, took atavan. I am about 3 weeks out on the last round, most of the poision should be out of my body, right? Well, apparently not. Boo, hiss!

Matthew Buck phoned, he's the character that got me started on my "why is america whizzing away all our potential in favor of corporate sameness" rant. He pushed and prodded, and at 11:45am, I went out to watch a movie. In a theater. With no chance of leaving early, or having barf breaks.

I took water, and had a small unbuttered popcorn. We watched the new Russel Crowe vehicle "Master and Commander of the other side of the world" or something like that. Where they are on ships, chasing about the Pacific. It was a rousing good adventure, with chase scenes, explosions and gore, but no boobies. So it was an OKAY movie, but not a great movie. I enjoyed it, at matinee price.

On returning home, however, I was completely worn out, hopped in bed, and napped most of the afternoon.

Sara returned from work around 6:30, so I got up, a little too quick, and Whoops! There goes my stomach, again. Doh! strangely, no popcorn, just bile.

We were both tired, skipped any Friday social activities, ordered chinese take out from a restaurant just next door to, and probably owned by the same folks as the pizza place. Ate said food in front of the Tee Vee, watching yet ANOTHER Russell Crowe movie, "Beautiful Mind" where he plays a mathematician who gets a little schizophrenic.

Some of the scenes about his relationship with his wife struck a little close to home, he was medicated, and it just parrallelled too much. And wierded me out. He was lucky to have an understanding and loving wife, I am lucky to have Sara.

Saturday! Tomorrow! will try to get out briefly.

There are all sorts of thoughts skipping about my brain, but I cannot sort them out. so I will stop here.

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