Wednesday, November 05, 2003

today, better than yesterday. the fluid worked. Pulled the needle this morning, and stayed around the house resting all day. Ate a little and did not barf!

I am having a fun playing with my G-3 Mac, it is silly old school stuff, but fun to play "old computers" My pal Beth gave me this vintage G-3 in Beige, apparently it has some memory problem, and barfs up a lot, but still a hoot for what I am doing.

THEN! Tonight! Sara and I went to dinner at Aqui's in Willow Glen with Keith and Ashish. I had a small salad, and drank lots of fluid, and stopped eating when I was full, and it was dang pleasant.

I plan on resting and trying to drink as much water as I can tomorrow.

The vomiting has stopped for a bit. (diarreah now) but, it is easier on the knees, so I am not looking gift horses in any orifices...

it's chilly in SJ, but still feels good with the chemo.

Must rest more. Thank you all.

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