Monday, December 08, 2003

My pals Flash and Beth were in town over the weekend. It was great to see friends, but I got a little worn out with too much activity.

I can't really remember much, other than fun to see pals.

Last weeks shivering was a combination of cold and lack of fluid, it went away about an hour after I wrote. Laying under a blanket really helped.


My status as of Monday morning:

My ears are still ringing, it is constant, and causing a fierce headache

The Nausea is still here, but seems to be orruring once in the morining and once in the evening.

I have no energy. totally weak, the simplest activities leave me breathless and needing to sit down.

I did eat and drink quite a bit this weekend, so I do not feel deheydrated at all. A side effect of being hydrated appears to be diarreah.

I was hoping to have enough energy to go into work this morning for a visit, but woke up drained, and am spending most of the day napping or trying to drink fluids.

Am generally feeling better, with the occaisional puke, but have a better mental attitude. Am still way too tired. I hate cancer.

My Task "Wish List" For this Week: (doesn't mean I am gonna do it, just means I wish it)

Get enough energy to complete a task a day?

Tuesday make it into work, do some work things. Visit my GP, Dr. Nguyen on the way home to say hello

Wednesday deal with my insurance lady. State Farm raised my rates, even though I took traffic school.

Thursday to complete the paperwork to sell my Superhawk to Julia and Mark

Friday think about photographing stuff to sell on eBay, like my spare DRZ 400 engine.

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