Wednesday, February 11, 2004

The past few days have found me attending meetings, returning to hotel, eating, then sleeping, but not well. Last night was particularly ridden with tossing, turning, and multiple trips to the bathroom for no real reason. I am having difficulty concentrating, and feel my brain is not quite spinning anywhere close to it's recommended speed.

I did ride Kandan's super cool Karizma 230cc motorcycle in the parking garage yesterday, but I am so locked in meetings, that I had no real time.

We also have not done any shopping. Boo! So hopefully this afternoon, Aparna will have some time, and we will get out of the office for a bit.

Last night had schamancy dinner in the "Southern Spice" restaurant at the hotel. They had a band and traditional dancer, so that was very cool. Plus it was some time to visit with Keith. He looks better than I have seen him since the re-org. Travel calms him. Very cool! AND! He has the Cannon Powershot S400 camera, like the one I am considering buying in Sing. So that was a cool plus!

Oh, story! Last night we left work, and were headed back to the hotel. Our car is #8833. We saw car #8831 in front of us and pulled up next to it. Sure enough, it was Keith's car. He was lost in conversation with his driver. Larissa rolled down her window, leaned out, across the cars, and beat on Keith's window. Apparently, it shocked him, causing him to jump. I did not see this, as Larissa was leaned out the window. But it also caused our driver to laugh quite a bit. YAY! Hooligan biker shennanigans!

I'll try to post more photos

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