Tuesday, February 03, 2004

so once again, I feel like Tweek from SouthPark. So much is going on and spinning, it feels out of control. I hope to get a grip soon. I am gonna try to catch everyone up, but it will be backwards, and quick.

A) Match your feelings to a presidential candidate link, from my pal Maryann:

apparently I like Kerry? though I thought I liked the general more.

Okay, Thursday, 8am, I leave for SFO and India. Working backwards, I am trying to get a million things done. Tonight, I got my bags packed, yay, I will not be nekkid.

Bridgid with the 305 Honda called, at 4pm, asking if I could come to SF and unravel her impounded bike for a great deal. Well, had she called at 10 am, maybe. but at 4, I don't have enough time to go to DMV, and no need for hassle, even though I want a 305 Honda.

Had lunch with Eileen and her son Ryan today, talked business, so we can say he's a businessman!

The financial branch at Cisco is asking one of my reports for receipts dated back to October of 2002. Great, more problems I do not need.

Jury Duty this morning, went to the court, sat around, chatted, was made an indecent proposal (which I politely declined) and was let go from Jury Duty! YAY! While sitting in court, I laid outline for the book, and got 1/4 of introduction written.

Last night I had horrible flatulence. It was bad, even for me. Poor Sara. (and I said flatulence, not farts, which is what is was)

She worked late yesterday, very busy at eBay

Monday afternoon I took off early and went shopping for gifts for my pals in India

Monday at work was catching up and trying to set meetings for India

Sunday night we ate dinner at Outback. Sad, but the best steak I can get out here is average and from a chain. then watched a movie, sat around, and stayed warm.

Sunday afternoon was the AFM 250 Production racing class BBQ. I went and socialized with many pals, it was very nice. Phil at Aftershocks now has a machine called a shock dyno, it measures the activity in a shock, and allows him to even better tune. Very cool

Sunday morning Sara went on a ride with the Santa Cruz Furies, her gang. I stayed home, I was tired.

Saturday night was the Santa Cruz Nekkid Ride, sponsored and organized by my pal Mike Jones. Jack, Sara, Kevin & I went, with a pledge for the girl gang. Rode over Hwy 17, very fun, big ride, very cold, interesting, no more comments than that.

Saturday afternoon Kevin phones, a pal of a pal is renovating a house. When grandpa died, the kids wanted to sell. Garage is full of model airplanes, if we don't take it, it will all go to trash. So we looted as best we could. It made me sad, here was this guy's hobby, like me, and none of his family knew what any of it was worth, or they did not care. It would have all gone to the dump. So if you have an esoteric hobby, tell your family, get them a name of a pal, who, when you go, can help redistribute the stuff, so it is not lost forever. There's now a HUGE free-flight model airplane hanging in my office at work, and 3 vintage engines waiting for me to restore them in the garage

Saturday morning we almost slept late.

Friday night is a bit hazy, I am not sure what happened.

But I know I've been having too many "supposedtas" lately, and really need to concentrate on what is important. Growing hair, loving my fiance, caring about my friends, and less obligations.

I look forward to writing while on the airplane, and more blog from INdia, as well as photos posted.

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