Saturday, February 14, 2004

Sunday morning, I wake up, check email, and find this from Peer:

Sounding more drunk & incoherent than usual... ..I just got a call from Jack. As he was heading down for the annual Death Valley Valentines Ride, he decided to take his Supermotard on a short spin around the hotel -- just wearing some hiking-boots!

Unfortunately the lack of protective gear didn't prevent him from doing wheelies, so he did a Max Biaggi, only this one happened to be a complete 360 degree flip-over -- which landed him in the Las Vegas hospital after a $15k helicopter ride.

No worries, he'll be fine... besides, he really enjoys the self-medicating morphine hookup, although the 6 minutes intervals he says feels a bit too long. He also thinks the tube they shoved up his penis is kind of neat -- "Hey, check this out -- I can get high on morphine at the same time as I'm peeing"

So I take it Jack crashed in the parking lot, and got hurt enough to require morphine. I'm stuck on the far side of the world, and the only info I get is from the babbling Norwegian? I'm positively worried SICK about this. Of course Jack will be taking it all in, flirting with nurses, looking to the bright side. But not me. I hope my friend is okay. If I was stateside I'd be on a plane to hospital now to wring hands and give doctors hell.

Since I can't, I will send all best thoughts and energies to my pal.

if anyone hears anything, pls email me asap

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