Wednesday, July 21, 2004

it's like beating a dead horse, but it needs to be said again and again.

vote for the candidate with the sluttiest daughter. Political news you can use, from

Years ago, I voted for Clinton. Not for politics, not for party, but for an interview in Penthouse (Dec 1992). Apparently they interviewed Gennifer Flowers a gal who may or may not have had touch with reality. She claimed to have a 12 year affair with Clinton. She now runs a topless joint in New Orleans, and as I recall, the photos were not so amazing.

Anyhow, in this interview, in HUGE drop caps pull quote, she said "Bill Clinton eats Pu&&y like a champ!" and at that very moment, I knew my campaign choice. George Bush Senior, no, Barb would never EVER say that. H. Ross Perot? Well, he has those big ears, look like handholds to me, but Margot was too much the lady to say such a thing about him.

So Bill Clinton it was. I knew Bush was involved with CIA, and I did not want to see him with one hand on "the button" the other under his desk doing bad things to himself. I wanted a president to sit back in the oval office, with both hands on the back of a kneeling intern's head, while thinking "World Peace"

I told this to all my pals, and pulled the lever for Bill. Had no Eartly idea it would really go down that way.

Yep, Penthouse Magazine and Gennifer Flowers.

I have no idea where to look for insipration in this election, but that dress Kerry's stepdaughter is wearing is making me think "World Peace"

.... oy, and yes, I did pull down my reports from the Europe trip.

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