Monday, September 20, 2004

Well, my Sprinter has not yet arrived. That's okay, cause some guy in a Hummer told me Sprinters were for wussies. Even better? International has just released a SUPER truck the CXT, that would tow the hummer down the road sideways.

Friday night Sara and I stayed in and finished watching a movie. My pop took me to see this at the Twin Pines Drive In, when I was a wee lad. Sadly, this drive in is gone.

Slept late Saturday, then rode 2-up to downtown San Jose on the Bullet, for the Art Car Festival. It was brilliant, we say quite a few cars I like:Aquatic Mosaic, VainVan (by the gal who brought us the BraBall), GuitarCar, CarThedral, Radio Flyer, but none held the allure of Scott Gordon's "Meat Wagon" from El Carnivore Restaurant, days gone by. I miss driving the Holey Cow. Art Cars are cool.

Saturday afternoon we drove the Mighty Festiva up to San Francisco to a Tiki Art Show at the Shooting Gallery, where we ran into Rebecca and her "swoony Boyfriend" Paul. After the show we stopped at some neighborhood bar, where some drunk guy threw some other guys cell phone, then smashed a bottle, and somehow, I was oblivious to all of this.

Then we went for Ethiopian dinner. I forgot the name of the restaurant, so no link here. It was good. Left there and drove to the moustrap thing, but realized we were early. Stopped at a Thai bar, the Lingba Lounge, and had a flaming tiki drink called "Bowl of Monkeys". mmmm Tiki Drinks

Then off in a ruch to see the life size Mouse Trap game, up in Hunter's Point. Hmmm, it was cold, there was booze, the entire "run" of the game took less than a minute. But it was still cool to see.

Afterwards we retired to the NocNoc lounge in SF on Haight Street. Sara's request. It is full of hippies smoking pot. It was stinkey, and small, and kinda dirty. But! Sara was having a GREAT time. She actually danced on tables! And scared one couple away. Now if you can dance on tables on famous Haight Street in a smokey hippie bar, and scare people away, then you are cool. Very Cool! Cool like Steve McQueen. I love Sara!

We dropped Paul & Rebecca off, and I drove the Festiva home. When we got to the house, Sara was telling me how wonderful it was that she could see without glasses. She's right.

Sunday we were gonna meet Rebecca and Paul and all go for a ride up Mount Hamilton. When I woke up, it was definitely raining. I checked the internet, it was raining. I checked the Mt. Hamilton webcam, and it was wet. So NO ride.

Instead, I went to the grocery store, and bought breakfast fixins. Got home, dropped the bag with the biscuits, and heard "pumpfh, pumpfh, pumpfh!" All 3 tubes burst, so I made 3 tubes worth of biscuits! OH MY! (had I found the weblink, I would have known I could have stored them) and eggs, and some Yves canadian veggie not really bacon. Blech. Soyrizo? good! Canadian Veggie Bacon? BARF!

I try to be really good, and explore new possibilities, so I can eat with Sara. And SOME veggie subsititutes are okay. However, Veggie Canadian Bacon, with "natural liquid smoke" as one ingredient tastes like, well, crap on a stick.

Sometimes I win, and we get acceptable veggie substitutes. Other times, there is nothing to replace the taste and feel of DEAD Cow! woo hoo! Less filler, MORE Killer! As Julz says, "Vegetables are what my food eats"

Back to the weekend.

We ate, rested, then drove to the Kennedy Park in El Sobrante, for our pal Joan's brother's memorial party. When he was being Sister Sindy, he must have done some wonderful stuff. If he was anything like Joan, cause she is pretty amazing. Lots of fun. He must have been a great guy, he had many wonderful pals. I hope everyone can support the work he started, they are having a memorial sale.

Anyhow, we drove home afterwards, and I got busy. We have a tree in the front courtyard, podocarpus, or fern pine, it is a giant bush out of control. But, we saw some more trees like this one, at our bank, that had been trimmed to look like, well, trees!

So I got out the pruning shears, the chainsaw, ladder, etc, and cut all limbs under 6' up. So it is now 2 main trunks, with leaves and branches above 6'. It will take some time to grow out, and I think the leaves need to fill in where I trimmed, but it looks like a tree, not a shambling bush about to take over.

I'll work this week on more stuff in our yard, it just grows wild and out of control, this is a great time to reign some of it in. :)

After tree cutting, I took a shower. I was covered in tree gunk. While washing, I rinsed my mouth, and barfed! no kidding, I was really surprised, just GAK! and stomach spew! It gave me bad chemo flashbacks.

I know it was just dust and grime in the back of my throat, but still. Barfing. Bleah.

finished, cleaned, brushed, and sat with Sara and watched "50 First Dates" a really cute Adam Sandler movie about love.

Went to sleep, and voila! here I am.

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