Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I am NOT goin Hunting in Wisconsin, No matter WHAT ya'll say.

My pal Matt sent me the story of Mr. Vang. And I kinda didn't believe Matthew. But there is lots of news. Either way, nope, no hunting for me.

I know, it's happened for years in Texas, they even compile data on it. But still, even if no one hits the bottle, its dangerous anyhow.

Me, I am avoiding it all. As my beloved mother once told me, "Son, we're Jews, we don't hunt, we shop"

(she hasn't see the Jews for Preservation of Firearms Site.)

sum it all up and move in a totally different direction,

2005 MUST be the year of the short, pudgy, balding, furry Jewish man as SEX SYMBOL.

I am working on a list, Gene Simmons, Jack Black, Ron Jeremy, Billy "the testicle" Crystal, Adam Sandler, cmon, help me out. I wanna establish 2005 as a NEW YEAR for Hollywood.

lemme know who I am forgetting. They must be ALIVE, working, and fit the criteria.

2005. Year of the Short, Pudgy, Furry, Hebrew SEX SYMBOL!

Note, this is purely a good idea, and not self serving in the least.....

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