Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I've been working on planning logistics for my Business Technology Group's 'move' since February. We're trying to consolidate a bunch of people from across the campus into 2.5 buildings.

It's a big, huge, nasty pain in the kiester. I wake up with nightmares, I fear if it goes wrong, I will be fired. The worst part is I am dependant on someone else. I have to wait for them, I have to work with them, and I have to 'trust' they will do the job right.

So far, their idea of doing the job 'right' has been to delegate the work to others and spew random buzz words: Lets understand this better. Let me Share with you, I need you to reconsider the overall good.

It has been pure misery, made me feel incompetent, ineffective, and bumbling.

In the past 2 weeks, we have approached a real solution. Mostly because another team wants to move into some of the space my group is in, and their VPs are a lot pushier than ours.

Today we had a meeting with the slow, ineffective people. OH, and our new VP came. My bosses boss. She don't take poop from anyone. She looks for results, and no excuses.

A) I like this
B) I am scared of this, because my success is dependant on the foot draggers.

Years ago, growing up in North East Texas, I learned to communicate by telling stories. Folks in North East Texas do not say "I have a flat tire, I need you to repair it."

Get to the repair station, and say:
"you know, i was driving out on Highway 80, out towards old Gilmer Road, ya know? And I was passing the Lindsay's pasture, you know their blue tick huntin dog Jake died last spring? Very sad. He was the best coon dog in three counties. Anyhow, I was passin their back pasture, where they grow the alfalfa hay? And I heard a real loud BANG! I think i run over a board in the road. Then my dang ol tire went flat. And I had to call Ed Earl from the tow truck company to come out and pick us up. You know his momma had dental surgery last fall? Yep, drove all the way to Shreveport for it. Anyhow, here I am, and it's flatter than that freshman cheerleader to the high school. Ken yew hep me out?"

And the guy at the repair station, he says "Well, I bet we can do something. Ain't you Jan the Artist's son?"

And it goes on for 30 minutes, while we drink an orange nehi, and chat about stuff, then the guy fixes the flat, charges me and sends me on my way.

Well, Once in college a pal from Houston heard me talking to someone, and he said "Goddamit Charles, get to the point. No one cares about all that other crap"

And it made sense. People are busy. They no longer care. Get to the point.

Well, today, our VP got to hear some people telling North East Texas Stories. And to her credit, she did NOT say "get to the point" She did say "This is not important, please ONLY tell me what I need to know"

She got a long, bitter, nasty taste of what I have been putting up with since February. 20 minutes of argument about 25 cubes, or 26 cubes, Finally, she stood up, said "you will need to fix this. bring me an answer" turned to me and said "I now understand why you have headaches" and left the room.

You know what I have? Understanding. and that's worth a lot. Almost as much as recognition.

I hope this is all resolved. But I sure wish flat tires was all I had to worry about anymore.

at home, Sara made delicious tofu dogs with roasted peppers for dinner. I had a bagel this morning. I can do without eating for a day or so anyhow.

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