Thursday, December 09, 2004

JUST in case you were bored, and thinking of goin deer hunting, my pal Jeff at work shared this link with me. It will not only give you 'eXXTREME' hunting suggestions, but will also give you plans to build your own gun.

I am positive Joe the Red Headed Menace came up with this idea years ago, but someone is marketing Road Rage Cards. You hold them out your window, quick flip chart. I clearly remember parking at the movies once, and Joe wrote the license number and description of the car parket too close on one side of us, and taped it to his window, just in case they sideswiped him backing out. He is a genius.

So the Department of Justice has some flashcards to help us idjits tell if someone MAY be a Muslim, Sikh or terrorist. Great. Someone else posted how to tell if someone is a redneck by head covering, I like the redneck hack better.

finally, and totally rude, this sick Brit artist has a web site of whacked out flash movies and top10 comparison lists. not work safe, absolutely wierd.

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