Saturday, December 18, 2004

Last night Sara, Jack & I went to SF. She bought vegan marshmallows.

we went to a holiday party for my pal Jeff Lim, who is way too skinny, but doing well after his bout with the cancer.

then went to Mona Lisa italian restaurant in north beach, for yummy dinner.

This morning rode up Mt. Hamilton on the XR650. then stopped at Rebecca's folks on the way down, made cookies. YAY!

on my way home, the chain on the XR broke, and wrapped itself around the countershaft sprocket. What does that mean? I am tooling along the highway at 70, hear a BANG, no power to rear wheel, slippery, oil, damn

the chain wadded up around the motor, and broke through part of the crankcase, dripping oil everywhere.

there were some friend shufflings, and Dale brought his truck with a carrier, and got me home.

cleaned it all off, the case is broken in 2 places, IF Alex at Fastline can weld it, I may be in luck, else, i need to completely rebuild the bottom end of the motor.

>.< goddamit! I am broke, this is the WRONG time for this to happen. I am very behind on bills, owe taxes on the house, owe mortgage note, truck note, insurance for truck, credit cards, GODDAMNIT...... etc,

the XR is gonna have to wait till I get some spare money. DAMN

anyhow, I am home, so that is good.

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