Thursday, December 02, 2004

More on the SFFHB Sex Symbols, From my sister. Now she's helpin out, cmon people, work with me. I also need some Hollywood "JUICE" anyone know anyone I can talk to to move this foreward? Also anyone interested in building a web site for me?


Jon Stewart
Chris Kattan (AKA "Mango" from Saturday Night Live)
Pauly Shore
Larry David
Jason Alexander
Matthew Broaderick (who knew Ferris Bueller was a Heb)
Adrien Brody (he won an oscar, but he's butt-ugly)
Seth Green (he played Scott Evil, son of Doctor Evil in Austin Powers)
Jon Lovitz
David Schwimmer
I was disturbed to find out that Michael Bolton is Jewish. Thank God we have Gene Simmons to make up for that ass-puppet
The bald dude who plays Lex Luthor on "Smallville"
Ben Stiller
Gideon Yago --Dorky MTV VJ
Sacha Coen
Plays "Ali G" on the completely stupid HBO show

Michael Rosenbaum is the bomb. He is the sexiest dude on tv. He is my new boy for 2005, replace my still beloved James Marsters (Spike on Buffy/Angel).

Michael Rosenbaum rocks my face. :)
Adam Sandler may not be a sex symbol but you can get a list of prominent jews in showbiz. Just listed to his Hanukkah song.
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