Thursday, December 02, 2004

this just in from the OTHER sister.... (thanks Kate)

now help me out people! Who KNOWS any of these folks, and can get me set up for a Lunch!

Taken from a article by Ben Stein:

At mighty Paramount, the controlling stockholder is Sumner Redstone. Head of the studio is Jon Dolgen. Head of production is Sherry Lansing--all members of the tribe.

At titanic Disney, the CEO is Michael Eisner, the world's most assimilated Jew, who might as well be a Presbyterian. Deputy head is Michael Ovitz, karate champ but also a Jew. Head of the studio is Joe Roth.

At newly energized ICM, the top dogs are Jeff Berg and Jim Wiatt. At still overwhelming CAA, Jack Rapke and other members of my faith predominate. At William Morris, Jon Burnham and other Jews are, by and large, in the power positions.

And a website that listed annoying jews in Hollywood.

Henry Winkler

Steven Spielberg

Selma Blair - furry, but not short

Jerry Stiller

Hank Azaria

Bob Dylan

Howard Stern

Slash - definitely furry

David Herman

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