Thursday, December 30, 2004

Why haven't I been writing? Good question, cause I have been so stinking busy with work, I have not had time to stop, relax, and think.

Big huge project at work, just coming to a head. We are moving people Jan 7. I already moved into my office in a different building. No one else is on the floor yet, so it is very quiet and peaceful. Allowing me to scream and yell, pull hair and cry, trying to work these logistics.

Sara, Karolyn and I were at Tlaquepaque for Taco Tuesday, drinking and eating and talking, and I think the ladies came up with my new years resolution. I work too much. We all work too much. Life is not about work. If it is all work, then you suck and will die.

We live 45 minute from San Francisco. There are plays, museums, shows, restaurants, that we have not been to. There are so many other things to do. Lately my ONLY form of relaxation has been hot tub or motorcycling.

Next year, we are GOING to go do things. More cultural events. More movies, More plays, more Shows, more museums. MORE LIFE! My new years resolution (thanks ladies) is to LIVE a life. Not just work work work

Everyone asks what am doin for new years. Not much. Matt is planning a flat track race in his back yard new years day. yep, that's my plan. And maybe if it stops raining, try to ride the BSA sidecar some.

I'll attempt to get back on track, and get more writing done.


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