Monday, January 03, 2005

So Sandra Bullock just donated a cool mil to the tsunami relief.

If any of my pals in Austin run into her, thank her for me.

My pal Rebecca recommends this charity for donations.

My pals in Chennai recommend this one.

Our President says the people of America should help. I think he should stop spending so goddamn much money having us attack a country twice the size of Idaho, (Yay, we are 1/2 the size of Iraq, and we have potatos!) and get back to the business of improving our economy.

Of course I also believe we should reinstitute a Jeffersonian Federalism, restore power to the states, and push the federal government back to maintaining national borders, highways and security. Let the states decide what is best for their region, get our asses out of other countries, and improve the quality of living here. Then again, my pals do call me Crazy.

I have heard from all my pals in Chennai except Ravi & Aparna, and I hear from other pals that they are okay as well. This is mixed, I am gald my pals are okay, I am sad there was so much loss. Well, except for the bastards at Fish Cove. I am glad part of their resort washed away, after the dumpy treatment they gave me & Larissa last trip down? too bad, so sad,

will spend travel weekends with pals in Chennai, or at my restaurant investment in Bangalore. (yes, I know they need to redo their website, it is clunky and ungainly. They cook great food. Not internet gurus)

In completely unrelated news, I am still sick. My Dr. said "Chicken soup, OJ, Rest, you know that. Vietnamese or Jewish, the mother advice is the same"

I drove in to work this morning, and thought all these guys are LATE! then I realized it was a holiday today. So I drove home and napped.

I also got the website for my pal Matt's "Operation Moto" up and online. He is tryin to raise funds to send 2 small dirtbikes to a unit of troops in Iraq, so they can short track race, and remain excited that people in the US still care about them. Not political, it's about the people, motorcycles, and caring for folks stuck far from home. (it's a free site, and constantly down because of bandwidth, we are trying to get a better hosting solution)

that is all for now, I need to go empty some of this snot outta my head.

I think it is all good and well that everyone remembers our people in Iraq. Ia m sick and tired of everyone forgetting our people in Afghanistan. They get none of the gifts, hand outs, and good will. They are getting shot at to you know.
Julz, feel free to suggest to Matt that he send the NEXT round of bikes to Afghanistan.
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