Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I just asked Jack this info, then thought I would present it here too, in case anyone has any suggestions. and NO I am NOT gonna write a book on how to use computers.

I have a mac related question. I have been busting my kiester on the internet trying to find any resource for teaching an ederly person how to use the mac.

My next door neighbor has had an LC3 for years. I gave him my pal Beth's G3 Powermac, and converted the filemaker database he has been working on.

this is great, he is able to continue making databases of all his cassette tapes, a little faster. (odd project, but we hope to entertain when we can, right?)

Anyhow, while helping convert and transfer data, I realized, he has NO CLUE what he is doing. he is following a rote proceedure for how to open filemaker, open his one database, and enter data.

He does not understand files, folders, difference between application & data, etc.

I am NOT up for this challenge, I do not have time.

BUT I wondered if you know of ANY resource to quickly bring an elderly fellow up to speed on how to really use the computer.

I want to help him be more comfortable, and REALLY use the computer, then we will get him hooked up to NetZero or some cheap ISP, and let him see the web.

After he is comfortable with the mac.

I cannot find anything in the bay area to help seniors use macs. Just Pee Cee. Cupertino, Apple CENTRAL, just up the street, and what for training? nothing I can find.

Do you know of any volunteer programs that teach basic mac computing?

Or any tapes, training guides, or hell, just paper workbooks?


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