Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Sara's car is a PITA. The Mighty Festiva is cool, and there are clubs of people who love them. , it will start, but intermittently, it doesn't. No, it doesn't leave her stranded(<-not work safe), just takes a few attempts. Months ago someone (not me) did a tune up, and I believe stripped the sparkplug threads.

At the advice of Joe, who is brilliant, I bought a 14mm thread repair kit, and put it in last night. Some cars have 'short' sparkplugs. Not Sara's. I hand tapped through about 1.5" of aluminium. Lots of turning. I was sore. very sore. Woke up in the middle of the night with wicked bad cramps in both calves from standing funny (squatting) to reach parts to turn.

finished threading this morning, put in the new insert, with lots of green sleeve retention loc-tite. Then sparkplug. let it sit the recommended 30 minutes. started right up. well, after all the cutting fluid & WD 40 blasted out of that one cylinder.

I hope it runs better for her. I love working on cars and bikes, but not when it is my main form of transport. YAY Sprinter!

Joe, who we already discussed as genuis has plotted out a path for my success and happiness. He is pretty cool. and he has mad skillz. (Vote for Pedro) I am just gonna flat out quote him here, because his brillince is overwhelming. He was commenting about my desire for a rat rod, as posted earlier.

Master plan:
1. Get crappy old motorcycle and associated parts out of Joe's shop.
2. Make sure woman is a keeper for the next THIRTY PLUS YEARS!!!!!!
3. Have children ASAP!!
3a. Children are cheap, do not use "debt" as excuse.
4. Pay bills.
5. Buy large American convertible to carry family to Tasty Freeze Ice
Cream store on weekends. (family cannot enjoy "Rat Rod")(unless all live in

Please note that steps 1 and 2 are of equal and tantamount importance
to success of any further steps.....

Now, in order
1) in the works. my honda CB 175's will be moving to California in April
2) it fluctuates. some days she is wonderful, other days she makes me more insane-r
3) gotta settle 2 first
4) I only carry a note on the house and car. everything else is paid. but house is BIG check
5) maybe not a roadster, maybe a lead sled as a rat rod???? mmmm ICE CREAM!

My pals Flash and Beth are also helping me out with some mental dilemmas, I still want a hot rod.

someone told me a few days ago, that they felt they could always ask me for help, with anything. And I replied, "yeah, that's what friends DO" the more I think about it, that's really what I want, to be thought of as someone who will be there for his pals.

i now want a nap

They were right. I can not think of anything I would not go to you with. No matter what is going on, I know you are there for me. I do not think I ahve ever said thank you for your willingness to be there.

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