Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Orleans is Hellish!

Fuel prices all over the US have jumped to $3/gallon.

Mister President, it is time to step up. BE a leader. Stop shipping our money overseas. It is time to spend the money HERE, at home. Help Americans whose tax dollars you are spending. Relief is needed. Help us now.

Otherwise We as Americans need to stand together and revolt. Asking for our TAX DOLLARS BACK.

Help our schools
Help our poor
Help our economy

In a speech to folks at a Naval base in San Diego, the President compared the war in Iraq to World War II. I am sorry, NO. We are NOT fighting the Axis powers. We are fighting a country the size of California. And we are fighting terrorism. A concept. War is terror.

I am not saying get out. Finish the effort. Do what you started. BUT! I am saying divert a large portion of that money HOME, from there to here, where we NEED it.

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