Saturday, September 17, 2005

And we went to see The Aristocrats last night. OH my what a hilarious movie. Do not go see it if you are easily offended, have no sense of humor, or sadly, believe the current administration is doing a good job. Oh, and don't go see it if you think "Intelligent Design" makes sense.

Woke up this morning, walked out to the garden shed, and began cleaning. Lots more space, much less crap. Did same in the garage.

Around 1pm, Sara and I went to have chinese food with Matt & Britta. Chris gets outta the hospital today, and will be home tomorrow

I am tired, grubby, and the back of my throat has a 'tickle' like I am gonna get sick.

Oh, and I keep gakking up like hairballs.

BUT! I can fit more bikes in Garage, and more stuff is clean & clear. I hope to do more yard work tomorrow, and try to clear more from the garage

Cleaning your garage, my ass!
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