Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I asked a small group of close advisors a question yesterday, and promised results. I've listed them in NO particular order and not attributed to any of said close advisors. Truthfully, I am not surprised by any of the answers. There are a few that are new to me, (in blue) that I hope to buy soon, on these recommendations. There are many I have, and need to load into the Ipod. And there are some I am not into. But overall, it was pretty cool. Thanks to those who responded. Oh, and there is a giant squid photo essay here.

Since Katrina is falling off the map, and it is musical, I am linking to Brian Wilson's web site. If you donate $100, he will phone you. (The Beach Boy Brian) I have been lukewarm on the Beach Boys for a long time, but this? is a very cool idea.

Okay, the List>>>>>>>

If you could only take THREE cds with you (you pick the scenario: desert island, vacation, rest of life, long boring lecture, but it's ONLY top 3 CDs) what would they be?

title - artist - why

Crystal Method - Vegas - It broke me out of my "only rock and roll is good" mold
Cat Stevens - Tea for the Tillerman - Satisfying, hummable, emotional
Led Zeppelin - Physical Grafitti - The penultimate rock 'n' roll album
Michael Jackson - Off the Wall
John Coltrane - the Blue Trane
REM - Monster
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon - because it repeats
Javelin Boot - Life Story - my favorite band from my college days
Dance Hall Crashers - The Live Record - it simply has tons of songs
AC/DC Back in Black - primer music to an endurance racing team. Better than crack for
getting adrenaline level going.

Pink Floyd's double live album - Mood music for when I want to be left alone

Compilation disk of soul, blues, funk, R&B, whatever you want to call it...
- Ray Charles, Marvin Gay, old Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Chaka Khan -
Rufus, even Michael Jackson when he was the age he prefers these days.

The Black Keys - Rubber Factory - primitive, aggressive, low-fi, garage blues rock

Los Lonely Boys, self-titled debut album. Not a single weak track on the album. Hopefully these three Garza brothers from San Angelo are now swimming in more money and high-grade poonani than they can handle. They are Texan. They are Mexican. Need I say more.

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On - OK, it is not Barry White. But without Marvin, there might not have been a Barry.

every Soulhat recording I could find hope and pray that there was some ganja growing somewhere on the island I was stranded on...

YES - Relayer
Aerosmith - Rocks
Miles Davis Tutu
Southern Culture - Dirt Track Date
The Doors - Live in Detroit
Elvis Costello - My Aim is True
Joe Jackson - Look Sharp
Jerry Garcia - Old and in the Way
Zero - Here Goes Nothing
Frank Zappa - Joe's Garage
Kiss - Alive
Cream - Live II
Cream - Disraeil Gears
Jimi Hendrix - Isle of Weight
Jimi Hendrix - Lifelines
Miles Davis - Bitches Brew
Beatles- Rubber Soul
Elvis 30 #1 greatest hits
Very Best of Frank Sinatra
U2: Rattle& Hum (compilation of their best stuff before 1989 when they started sucking)
George Strait: Best of Vol. 1
James Brown: CD of JB or 20 all time Greatest Hits
Immortal Beloved Sountrack: Best of Beethoven played by top musicians
Louis Armstrong -any of the Best of CD's
Stevie Ray Vaughn- greatest hits
Natalie Cole- Unforgettable (very good compilation of 20th century standards)
Sheryl Crow -recent best of album
Aretha Franklin- Arteha's best
Tina Turner - All the Best
Ray Charles- "Ray" Movie Soundtrack
Billie Holiday- Lady Day
Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music -More than this
Garth Brooks - No Fences
Patsy Cline- Greatest Hits
Temptations - Anthology Best of
Linkin Park - Meteora - angsty, raucous, loud, good for when I'm feeling down
Evanescence - Fallen - awesome voice, great lyrics, good blend of fast paced and slow songs
Enigma - MCMXC a.D. - haunting, relaxing, very cool overall
Beatles - Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band - Great variety, showing plenty of "old-style" with a glimmer of "new-style" shining through.

Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms - Another album showing a bands stretch. Knoppler's guitar playing is awesome. Not as good as Clapton, but the overall variety is much better.

Jeff Wayne - War of the Worlds - Nice instrumentals broken up with some nice songs. Richard Burton's narrative is haunting. Great for these dark desert island nigts, looking up at all the stars.

The Police - Syncronicity - Sting is a genius writer, both musically and lyrically. He takes unexpected paths on melodies, beats, and poetics. I'm sure that Stu and the other chap had a bit to do with that evolution of Sting as an artist, but you can't help who gets the credit in mainstream media.
Rachel Yamagata - a relative unknown, cross between Fiona Apple, Tori Amos, and Sheryl Crow, only without the cynicism of Fiona, the oddball angst of Tori, and the commercial schmaltz of Sheryl.

Yo Yo Ma's rendition of the Bach cello suites because sometimes you just want people to shut the up and let you clear your skull of garbage.

Can it be a compilation tape I made a long time ago?

Earth, Wind & Fire - Gratitude Album, 1975 - Fun stuff to move/groove to. Good listening.
Toto - Past to Present 1977-1990 - Good collection of tunes, love songs.
Chopin - Favorite Piano Works, Vladimir Ashkenazy - Good classical music collection. Excellent pianist.

Ella Fitzgerald - Best of

Rory Gallagher "Irish Tour 74" -- I was at some of these concerts and the "Million Miles Away" version is something I can disappear into every time. Rory was more than an idol to us -- maybe a portal to opportunities in a world wider than Cork -- maybe an attitude enabler -- maybe a de facto church.

Jennifer Warnes "Famous Blue Raincoat" album of Leonard Cohen songs,
esp "Joan of Arc" cos it reminds me of me mother!

Hopefully by then there will be an album of duets by Lyle Lovett and
Tom Waits together, but if not any album by either would be good

Radio Tarifa - they span a wide breadth of styles of music and the music is complex enough to keep one engaged. you don't get that "man I've heard this so many times" feeling; usually once again because its in a language I do not understand.
Govinda - amazing complex elecronica/house/techno-trance. I usually dislike electronica but Govinda makes great music to make love to. very sexy, sensuous, lustful. Also, Shane Madden (aka Govinda) is from Austin.

U2 - Joshua Tree - Got me through one of the hardest times in my life

The Cars - Candy 0 - Alternative before they became "pop" and just never get tired of listening to it

Any one of Melissa Ethereidge - love her voice and the truth she puts in all her songs.

This is an impossible task. My music requests have extreme variation with mood.
What I listen to over the past week:
Neil Diamond/Hot August Night
Electric Light Orchestra/Discovery
Paul McCartney and Wings/Greatest Hits

late additions! This just in.

the neville brothers walking in the shadow of life
Ben Harper Diamonds on the Inside bring on the funk
Santana Supernatural without whom my life would not be complete
Angelique Kidjo Oyaya! Because every life needs a bit of world music

Tito Puente - The Essential Tito Puente
Robert Palmer - Addictions (2 disc greatest hits)
B-52's - Time Capsule (greatest hits)

Santana - Supernatural - What can I say: this album makes me want to
dance, sing, shout out loud.

The Rippingtons - Life in the Tropics: Its fresh

Jesse Cook - Gravity: Because he is the most amazing spanish guitar
playeron the planet and I love spanish guitar.

Buena Vista Social Club - because the music is fun, upbeat and sexy

Cassandra Wilson - Blue Light Til Dawn - This is a cover album but she
takes great songs and makes them her own with her amazing voice and her
innimitable jazz style

Secret Garden - Songs from a Secret Garden - this is new agey
orchestral stuff but its good and I love listening to it late at night

Dido - No Angel: I know I must like this one a lot, it was the only CD
I had in the truck for a long trip and I must have played it 10 times in
a row but I never got sick of it.


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