Wednesday, January 25, 2006

ya know how I have not posted in a while?

sadly, it is because I have been too busy! work work work

Stop and ride dirtbikes! YAY dirtbikes. Yep, that's me, about to be pushing Sara's 125 to the van, and taking my mighty mighty XR650R out to ride.

Note 1980's bright pink chest protector! Yes, I am a fashion plate.

So, the XR is a big heavy bike. I mean BIG. I have a guy coming to look at my ST1100 touring bike today, if he buys it, I will put that money toward a smaller, lighter dirt bike, so I can ride more, wrestle less.

The XR is perfect for flyin across the Baja desert. It is more difficult for all the goat trails at Hollister.

Ooops, I am late, more later

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