Monday, March 13, 2006

Okay, so here goes.

It's currently very fashionable to bash Wal-Mart now. They are a giant mega-corp, they put mom&pops out of business, they don't pay their people, bad health care practice, etc. etc. etc.

And I KNOW this. I have known this for a LONG LONG time. OMJ told me to avoid the Wal Mart as far back as I can remember.

Sara has been pushing me to STOP supporting the big business, and try to do as much trade as I can with small, local companies, that care about their people.

We all know the argument. It's EASIER to go to Wal-Mart. They have EVERYTHING. And it's CHEAP!

Well, I decided to try my hardest.
A) consume less. What do I really NEED to exist
B) Shop local
C) avoid cheap 'made in China" goods when there is an American possibility instead.

How will I do this? I do not know, but am trying, and working on it.

This weekend I stopped at Stevens Creek Surplus. I needed some waterproof match containers for my riding gear.

It's a combination local Army/Navy store, camping goods and clothing. Everyone knows I am NO Fashion model. But it would be very easy to buy basic clothes here. Not at WalMart.

It is a step, and that's all I ask. Make a step, try to support your community.

So, how is Sara's Buell... I mean BMW coming along??
"made in china" motorcycles are teh best!
Teh Best!

in chinese, it's motouche!
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