Monday, May 22, 2006

This weekend. Sheetiron 300 Brief summary:

XR650 ready to go.

Paul & Rebecca at Campground

Phil working on bikes

We head out, I am trying to follow people, it is not raining. We get to a hard easy split, Phil says "John and I are taking this really hard trail, you meet us at the top"

Well, we all know MY sense of direction. I rode to the TOP. Top of Goat Mountian. Where it was covered with snow, and there is a little wooden cutout shaped like a goat, that said "top" on it. I knew snow is bad, so I turned around and came back. No Phil. So I rode to where the trail split, and I went up the "really hard" part. Not so hard, till I got to the top and fell over. Then kicked the XR for about 15 minutes. Then went down, and saw lots of pink ribbons in the trees, and thought THAT was the trail. till it dead-ended. And I turned around, by this time, totally lost.

Then Phil was coming up the trail, and said "man am I glad to see you". it was very mutual!

We rode down some grade, that was about 5 miles of steep downhill covered in loose shale. My rear brake went away about 200 ft from the bottom, and the front end washed, and DOWN I went. Smash, Crash, Bang, POP! No more headlight for me.

Phil walked up, got my bike, rode it the last few hunder feet, then we taped the bits back together, and played catch up. Rode fast on roads, dirt and otherwise, and ran out of gas. I learned a new trick. Drain gas from my bike's petcock into a 1 gallon ziploc bag. then pour from bag into Phil's tank, and voila! we make it to the next gas stop. Water crossing so deep Phil's bike was in to the tank. I found a shallower spot.

Saturday was long and fun and painful. But we made it to fort bragg before sunset.

ate dinner, slept. I think I smashed my remaining testicle when I took the big fall, cause it hurt the rest of the day and night.

Sunday morning I thought about riding the highway back to the campground, but Knew people would say "them Texans is whiny whimps!" and we could not let that happen

Follow Fish & Gino, they are old, and will take the easy route.

Old my ass.

Fish has a bad knee and hip. Gino is 71. Watching Gino ride is like observing an excercise in conservation of energy. Not a single thing moves that doesn't need to. He is blisteringly fast. And Fish? he would stop at intersections, wait for me to catch up, then take off, catch Gino, and tell him I was okay, then lead on till the next intersection. Old my ass.

we rode the standard route till it hit 101, where we came up on Paul & Rebecca with a flat tire. Phil and John changed the tire in record time, but Gino & Fish & I bailed to go south on the highway. However, Fish said "this is boring, lets take 162 over Mendocino Pass"

the highway part of 162 was brilliant. smooth pavement, rythmic sweeping turns, I was able to haul ass. Of course, and old guy with a bum knee on a 250cc 4 stroke was ahead of me, and looking at the scenery. :0

We got to Black Bear resort, and turned onto dirt roads for Mendocino pass.

The top of the pass? 6 feet of snow, plowed out of the road, but still. cold and wet, and muddy dirt roads. No, not fun.

Came down out of the cloudline, and it turned to gravel on Alder Springs Road. to county road 306 Then at Elk Creek, back to highway to stonyford, where the campground is.

Whew. What a ride

Headlight? BOOM!

Bike? Dirty!

Thanks to Motion Pro, one of my "sponsors" (Thanks Chris!)

Gino (on left) & Fish, the "old guys"

No headlight, no Barkbuster on right side (lost when getitng gas for Phil)

tired, bruised, wore out, but I made it.

Charles "I don't need no stinkin' rollchart" Statman, LOST? Well, now I've heard everything!

Woo! I'm so glad you made it!
I assume you will be going back to the top to get me a picture of that goat sign?!?!
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