Sunday, June 11, 2006

Behold, the WONDERS of Craigslist. Attached photos are the photos from the actual items we bought.

We had been looking and shopping,prices for baby stuff are INSANE. $3000 for a crib? uhhh, NO. If a cardboard box and shredded newspaper was good enough for me...... :P

Now earlier this week, Sara got me all excited, she said "why don't you go out and ride dirtbikes on Saturday" Which made me really happy. However, the reality of life did not allow it. Maybe this upcoming thursday night?

So Friday night, Sara and I started looking on Craigslist, and finding things we need at reasonable prices. I am very uncomfortable with the idea of used bedding or breast pumps, but hard furniture? that's okay.

Yesterday? We bought a Glider, so Sara can sit and rock $75

Today? We bought a Crib. $55
(note: crib did not come with orange bedding or monkeys)

in closing, my pal Jay Remington has a brilliant idea. He is writing a weblog, for his son to read, when sson is grown up. Hmmm. cool And yes Jay, I got your email, I have not had time to reply, but please, no nekkid pics on the net, it won't raise enough money...


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