Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sorry folks, today's post is actually more for my pal Flash, and some information transfer. (click for bigger pix)

right side view slash 2 frame, slash 5 750 motor

rear view

closeup of drieveshaft detail (rear brake needs to be hooked up. Will also have 'outrigger' foot pedal for sidecar brake

left side view


coil mounted in case

tryng to preserve vintage lines

powder coated frame, triple clamps, swingarm. painted tank, headlight & fenders

cable to master cyl mounted under tank, dual disks

taillight will be slash 5 pod with signals, and seperate wire to sidecar brake light

has bar-end turn signals

has 'heavy duty' sidecar springs for rear (phil has offered to rework suspension)

Mikuni carbs

all slash 5 electrics

slash 6 5-speed tranny? Motor & tranny rebuilt by Bob Grauer (Sara's mechanic) then about 10k miles as solo, disassembled for paint & powder, coming back together

also has 15" wheels laced to matching hubs, if I want them, with car tires mounted, your advice on those?

Has both solo & wide long touring seat

plan is to finish bike ~ september, in parallel, disassemble Jupiter sidcar, powdercoat sidecar frame to match, have tub painted.

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