Wednesday, November 08, 2006

no update in too long. I have been insane

Doctors: Upper GI results? Normal

Parents: Sara's folks are here, and her mom is a champion at getting Saul to eat from the bottle.

Elections: Glad to see people went out and voted. for change.

Pee Mail: Colin sent me this, it makes me laugh

Mini Bike Shananigans? Traded Murray for Bonanza. Got black hybrid running, don't like it, will focus on Bonanza

Sidecar: Interior installed. Waiting to hear from Don about the Bike & Frame

Work: Cisco hit 25, a bunch of my sell options were triggered. YAY.

Sad: My pal Rebecca's grandfather passed. he was a nice guy

Sad: My Aunt's husband passed, he was a nice guy

Happy? Did you see the pee mail thing?

Dale & Joan had us all over for dinner last weekend, I am wiaitng for the photos, it was brilliant, Dale outdid himself

nothing else.

Pee Mail

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