Sunday, January 07, 2007

party party party, then stop and rest

Saturday Sara went for a motorcycle ride with Jack, Tarzan woke up and wanted to start some trouble. 9 out of 10 citizens surveyed think a motorcycle shop is a good place for hooliganism!

we went to Ken's shop, and Saul sat on the BMW. He rocked back and forth, and was apparently excited.

Saturday night was the yearly Epiphany party at the Turner's house. Whee!

Sunday Sara went snowboarding, so I made about the day. Laundry, bath for baby, shower for dad, food, etc.

Rebecca called, and said "lets make blankets!"

(note, these are not traditional blankets like the baby quilt Tia Julia made, no, these are what you use to restrain the wild monkey when you want him to sleep! Swaddling)

So we drove over, then back to a fabric shop, and got fabric. Rebecca taught me how to cut fabric for imprecise application (baby blankets and things)

then we tried to use Sara's sewing machine, but the dog foot dropped. I think I got it wrong, but the thing that is supposed to push the fabric through dissapeared. It may be a setting feature, will work on it

So we used Rebecca's mom's machine, and sewed one blanket. We cut out 2 more, but I had to go home.

Saul yanked his tube out, so I took some snaps before I reinserted it.

here he is, MASTER of the HOUSE! In his NEW blanket. Holding the sleep button.

cow spots and buckin' broncos! woo hoo!

That was some sloppy sewing, but I guess it will work.

"Feed dogs" are dropped: this could be a feature, but my guess would be that the knob on the top should adjust the feed dog position (which is usually dropped when darning) and it didn't. I hope it's not broken-- it's a pretty machine!
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