Wednesday, March 21, 2007

had a swell day in chennai. Good meetings with my team, work work work, lunch, meeting, and off to the airport.

My cough is getting worse, not better.

45 min flight to Chennai, land 6:30, pick up bags, and?

NO Driver.

Either I did not properly arrange a driver, or he did not show up. at 7 I got a Cab to the Park Sheraton took ~ 45 mins.

Since it is late, no one is in offices here. So I left an email for my friend, and will see if we discover anything in the morning. Otherwise I'll use GoogleMaps and find an auto rickshaw.

I cannot shake this chill, I keep coughing, and hotel employees come to my door like, every 10 mins wanting a tip for something or another. AND? I am out of rupees.

I should order room service, and get some food in me. Yeah, Soup! that's the ticket.

then go to bed early. Yeah. Tomorrow will work itself out.

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