Friday, June 22, 2007

unbearable cuteness

PH Probe day. We were at Stanford this morning, they inserted a wire, connected to a data acquisition box. that will measure PH levels in his guts, just above the stomach, to learn about reflux. The things on his arms are to keep him from pulling the probe out. However, (for the record) hebrew boys do not enjoy hanging around in this particular pose.

I spent the evening out with Dale & Jack, having KTM fun. We are not sure if the alternator stator we installed is working. and we KNOW the lighting coil is wrong

Current post.
Picture 3.

What's that on the top of your head? It is too small to blame on a full face helmet.
Is that "wear and tear" from excessive use of yamika?
Have you overheated this section too many times?
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