Tuesday, July 31, 2007

my brain has been completely locked up. Sorry, nothing sensical is falling out lately.

all folks were here for Tarzan's #1 birthday, that was great.

Work is not called play, but I keep doing it.

Sara and I decided to focus on three projects:
Yard - Living Room - Queen Bed

Explanation: Our yard is a shambles. It was pieced together by previous owners, and bits have died, others have overgrown, the shed is falling over, and it is all Yak Shaving. To get the trailer out of the driveway, I need to move the stove in the trailer, into the garage. to make space in the garage, I need a shed to move motorcycles out of the garage. to put in a new shed, I need the old one torn out, and new concrete. IF you do new concrete, might as well take out all the busted concrete. If you are gonna .... have the whole yard redone.

Living room: again, a mess. pull old TV, put flat panel above fireplace, will allow re-arrange that will give MUCH more room. yay. but to get flat panel, we need new stereo, and might as well integrate..........

Bed. full size bed too small for us and Tarzan. need queen. to get queen, need to find right mattress, then disassemble bed in there, and build new, queen size version of current full size bed.

its just a house of cards!!!!!

Yes, but then, then I will be happy.

The passion is in the wanting.
The pleasure is in the working.
Having is overrated.
Big beds are indispensable for happy family zzzz's. Good call.

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