Monday, September 10, 2007 Fabulous!

I ordered some bicycle racks for carrying groceries. I used One-Click ordering. Amazon sent the racks to the old house my ex roommate Doug no longer lives in. It has something to do with one-click ordering and I did not catch it.

So I emailed them, expecting to be told, "you messed up, your fault..." etc.

NO! They refunded my credit card, sent apologies, and completely explained it to me.

YAY AMAZON.COM Customer Service.
WOW, thank you very much for the rapid, freindly help. I still want the bicycle racks, and will re-order them.

Not only that, I will post to the world about how wonderful Amazon customer service is, and how I will continue to use and recommend Amazon as my number one marketplace online.

(I will not use one click ordering until I figure it out for sure)

Thank you


On 9/10/07, Customer Service wrote:

Greetings from,

Please accept my apologies for any kind of inconvenience caused to

I have submitted an A-to-z Guarantee claim on your behalf
for "Bicycle Rear Rack Grocery Baskets, Folding - Wald 582 (Set of
2), Chrome" (#104-3738449-4375955).

Once your claim is approved, your credit card will be reimbursed
directly for $39.49, the total order cost including shipping fees.
(Note, if you used a gift certificate, your gift certificate balance
will be reimbursed.)

Guarantee claims generally take from 1-2 weeks to process; you'll
receive an e-mail notification when it is complete. You can check on
the status of your claim by following these steps:

1) Go to and click "Your Account."
2) Click the "Go!" button to view open and recently shipped orders.
3) Locate your order and click the "View order" button.
4) Click "Problems with this order?"

On the resulting page, you'll see the status of your claim.

Please note that if a seller has already made a refund, or if you
have initiated a chargeback to your credit card, Guarantee
reimbursement will not be possible.

Please contact us if your order arrives, even if you've already been
reimbursed. It's important to make sure that the issue is correctly
accounted for in our system. You can contact us by visiting:

I hope this solution works for you. Again, please let me apologize
for any inconvenience you may have experienced as a result of this
particular order. The vast majority of third-party orders are
trouble-free, but for the occasional one that doesn't work out, we
are happy to employ the A-to-z Guarantee.

Please note that you can change or add to your settings for future 1-
Click orders through the "1-Click Settings" link at the bottom of
our home page. Once you've signed in with your e-mail address and
password, you may change the options for any address in your address
book, including the default shipping method, credit card, and
address hint for each entry. You may also change the default 1-Click
address, or delete any address which you do not want to include in
the 1-Click drop-down menu.

When you have finished making your changes, click the "Continue
Shopping" button at the top of the page. The next time you make a
1-Click purchase, our site should reflect the new default settings.

Thank you for shopping at

Please let us know if this e-mail resolved your question:

If yes, click here:
If not, click here:

Please note: this e-mail was sent from an address that cannot accept
incoming e-mail.

To contact us about an unrelated issue, please visit the Help
section of our web site.

Best regards,

Praveena Customer Service

Too bad they support dog and cock fighting.
Cock fighting? Is that anything like snoodling?
I guess julia supports dog and cock fighting, since she's got a link to her Amazon wish list on her blogger page.
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