Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Promised passel of videos

Saul on the kitchen floor drinking Juice with Sara.

Video 1: climbs into fridge and picks Pedialyte to drink, spills some, coughs, says OH Dear.

Video 2: signs more, then says done, then drinks more. this is our usual eating thing. Plus he runs around like a wild hooligan. tries to give a magnetic cow a drink

Video 3: Says OH DEAR, really loud. then all done. Then tosses cow in trash. Hooligan!

Next video set - This is the bed time routine in our house

Video 1: Sara straps Tarzan into his PJs

Video 2: Saul gets his PJs on, then climbs off the bed by himself, and runs wild around my bedroom. You will hear him say "lalalalalala" and do the tongue thing. running from desk to desk in the office. Climbing off the bed is new-ish, he will do that when he wakes up, and run around looking for us.

Video 3: Grabs his bottle, says "BaBa" then runs down the hall to the bedroom. It gets dark in the hallway, but he is there.

Video 4: stands next to bed till mom comes out, he gives me a night night kiss, drinks some, then they get into the bed. Notice he is holding the bottle and bringing it to his mouth by himself? This is new for us. He used to not do it. So we are trending in the right direction. Once settled in bed, we read a book to him. I stop to close bathroom door, as he is distracted by the blue LED on Sara's electric toothbrush. Sara or I will read to him, and he drinks, and falls asleep.

RAIN Puddles, on Saturday we went to visit Eric & Lissa at their pet shop. It was still raining, and Sara encourages Saul to play in the rain puddles. She was not expecting this. He jumps around, walks silly, then grabs for the car door handle, as he wants to get out of the wet!

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