Sunday, March 22, 2009

On Friday, Sara wanted Chinese take-away for dinner. I thought, Noodles! Maybe he will eat Noodles. And he did, but in a wierd way of loading them into his mouth.

at this point? I will take any eating!

Yesterday we went to the Tech Museum. KDFC had a kids day, so Saul got to see the orchestra play Vivaldi's Spring

Then we wandered around the Tech, till we were done; and went for greasy onion rings, fries and a burger at the Burger Bar.

This morning, he was in a great mood, and was playing peek-a-boo under the quilt Tia Julia made him. We laid out his blanket from Tara, had Miss Penguin and Chango on it with him, then TiaQuilt over him. He would "hide" with his friends, then fling the comforter off and yell "tadaaaa!"

Some misc photos from last weekend, he was having Sushi at Tia's house

Eating at Sinai

Walking in Downtown with mom

Listening to the symphony

checking out exhibits at the tech

using the backpack leash from Grandma Suzie

riding the escalator

and being intolerably cute on the floor under the blanket

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