Sunday, April 18, 2010

For my guys at work! Thank you for saving the Bubble Wrap, this is what it does!

hangin around Sunday

Sara went to Reno to follow her favorite band, so Saul and I went out today to do GUY things.

We tried to help Brad with his motorcycle, but it became time to walk away. Justin and Mary came by Brad's with their daughters Bonnie and Kate. Saul played in the front yard with them, ... that part was fun.

We came home and had lunch. Sorta. I wore most of it, but anyhow

Then we trucked over to Matt's to play with trains. Saul drove the train, flirted with the neighbor's girlfriend, then we were off to other numerous and unspeakable errands.

THEN we got Jasmin and Jocelyn, two of the neighbor girls, and took them to the mall for their birthday. They bought? shoes, I told you they were girls. Saul got a Jamba Juice plain orange juice. It took so long, the counter girl gave us another, so the girls split that one.

Stopped at Safeway for juice boxes and cleaner on the way home, where we are now.

Did I mention he played in the "rides" at the mall?

You can see Saul's race face in some of these photos. When he's concentrating he juts out his lower jaw.

Hm, Charles won't go to the mall with me but he takes the cute little neighbor girls and even lets Saul play on the rides. Hm. Well, i guess i'd have to quit following bands around if i wanted to do that kind of stuff. Hm.
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