Monday, July 05, 2010

We spent the 4th at Eric and Lissas, bbq meatloaf? yeah, I heart Eric! we did 12 cheese stuffed jalapenos on the grill, Lissa ha one, Eric and I ate the rest. 3 were ATOMIC. each of us got one. YOW! corn on the cob, Not-dogs, friends, illegal fireworks, it was all around fun.

Saul took the occasion to try out Eric's stable of bikes

Vintage BMW

Extremely rare Kawasaki H2- 750cc three cylinder two stroke

Lookin at YOU babe!

FZR1000 with custom license plate for Eric Lind Bong!

Lissa's Honda Trans-Alp is silly!

CBR900 Eric brought back from the dead. it was initially purchased as a halloween prop!

Dad, I think I am starting to get hungry...

Honda CB1- 400cc 'standard commuter'

Sara's FZR400 we gave back

ice cream after dinner on the couch with Lissa

stringing up toys for the animals (arts & Crafts time)

Hanging around with LIssa is always cool

cause she has blacklight body paint!

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