Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday is work day. Breakfast, clear photo. Mostly work, first we went to Sukra to shop for a bit of jewelery, then into office

In meeting rooms, we will chat with the lab teams, take tours of le labs, and learn how they are handling the problems and solutioins we all experience.

Colleen, Enbanathan, Vishnu, Karthi and Gowdaman

Lunch at le Royal Meridian buffet, desert was some fruit and heart cakes.

Back to office, sign welcoming us, next to Quincenera celebration sign

snaps from ride to Malu's home

P James Magic Show. the best advertising all over Chennau

We went to the Jewish Cemetery by the fish market, and I was able to give donation to keep running, and make Kaddish over the dead. (pix from Colleen coming)

then off to FabIndia for a top for Sara.

then to meet Malu's husband Matt, and have pizzas and drinks for dinner at a nice hotel/restaurant.

elephant in my room!


The mom and kid on scooter? That is why i'm craving a scooter lately. :)
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