Thursday, March 17, 2011

Friday morning, and today we head to work.

Yesterday was catchup, work through jet lag, acclimate to India. We had breakfast at the Taj, my iphone hates me, but today I'll get snaps with real camera.

After breakfast, we walked down MG road to Landmark booksellers, then across the street to a mini fashion mall, and back. Very warm and humid, but Colleen crossed the street successfully twice!

We had coffee and small snack, then restful afternoon. Driver took us to Cane and bamboo for some light shopping, then back to hotel to rest. Colleen and I went to the bar to wait for Aparna and Sandhya to meet us for dinner. I think she took one of the best photos of me in a long time.

Aparna and Sandhya arrived, we chatted then took dinner at "Southern Spice" the traditional restaurant at our hotel. Aparna is planning the 15 year party, and very very busy. She even repeatedly violated the "no cell phones" rule. But? it is Aparna after all, so exceptions were made. (she sends best love and greetings to Saul and Sara)

After dinner, I was bad man, and pranked Colleen into eating "after dinner digestive" which I believe is betel nut wrapped in banana leaf. She did not like it, and my apologies for the photo. (again, my iphone hates me, and this is a very unflattering photo) Like I said, bad man.

Last night my mom phoned, I am positive forgot the time change, but I was not able to immediately phone back, and was worried, 4am calls? bad. But got email in and out and all is okay, so back to sleep.

Today? off to work, for work. As many have pointed out, all pix appear to be of eating and such. I will show office today


Hi, Aparna!!!
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