Wednesday, March 09, 2011

need to blog more, facebook less!

Diet is coming great. NO carb and calorie counting, I am down to 168 lbs this morning, and I make 4 brisk laps of the building at work. (note, down from 196lbs) but I really want a taquito, right now

No Soap? going very well. very hot showers every morning with a washcloth and excessive scrubbing. My skin is great. My hair, on the other hand... I am using a small amount of Suave shampoo on Monday and Thursday if needed.

And I am due for a haircut this weekend. Departing for business trip Tuesday, and want to wait till the last moment, to have sharp haircut?

Saul is doing great, he went to Death Valley with Sara, and had a fun time. Last night we had a "moment" We were dong the evening battle to get him to eat, and he called me an Idiot. I asked "what did you say young man" He got very remorseful, looked down, and mumbled the first part of the sentence, but not the second.

So I asked again, what did you say? then he told me - blah blah blah "daddy is an idiot"

I asked if he knew what that word meant. Yes
I asked if he meant to call me that. he said it was an accident

then we talked about the Ten Commandments, and honoring your father and mother.

then I asked him what he thought I should do about him dishonoring me and calling me an Idiot

He said "I think if you give me a kiss, I will remember it is not nice and will not say that word anymore"

SMART KID. Me? I'd have just taken an ass-whuppin and been done.

I kissed him on the forehead, and asked him to remember to honor me and Sara, and not say words like that.

We went to tacos later, and I told Matt and Brad the story, and Saul looked down, and said he was still sorry, and that I should not say that word either.

He's a good kid. and smart.

yep he is smart kid, he made a mistake, and he knows it. You forgave him and he reinforced the good in you for better of him
I love this story! Saul is, indeed, a very smart kid. We enjoyed seeing him and Sara in Death Valley, and hope to see you soon, too. We're in town for at least a couple weeks, parked in Redwood City this time.
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