Friday, July 23, 2010

random pix off my cellpone

me in Loreto at the bar, fish behind me

Saul at Willow Glen Yogurt, with orange ice cream

me and he at the grand canyon

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Last night I had the fan on, to blow cool air into the house. Saul was sitting on the corner of the couch, clowning around...

And THIS is my birthday present to myself. A Valentine ONE, the best radar detector in the world. Upgradeable, supported, solid. I have been using the same old one I've had for 18 years, it was time for new. and I usually scrimp some, and save some, and put my spare bucks in a college account some, but this time, I had a want....

Saul and Matt at the train show in Santa Clara County Fairgrounds last Saturday

Helping Saul to drive one of the models

in the ride-on train ride

me too!

a railroad bouncey house

bounce bounce

bounce bounce

ya know they are full of germs, right? :P

checking stuff out

lots of train people

Loreto fishing expedition - Mid July

We are sorry, we cannot serve you till 6am. but on the airplane... Brad & Justin kick off the morning with Bloody Marys....

Living in Brad's world is something I will never understand

Dale and me at the airport restaurant

a Motley crew at the bar at the Hotel Oasis

3 shots from the back porch of the bar:

Dale, having a serious conversation, does not know Brad is joking in the background

looks yummy, si? Dinner at LaMission

This was my shrimp dish, and it was even more tasty than beautiful....

Justin, "El Mariachi" having some water, unfortunately, unable to pace himself at drinking. The folks at La Mission were probably not thrilled to clean up after this guy's act....

5:30am headed out to the Sea of Cortez

Our "skipper" Antonio said "Orale Carlitos, tu amigo, es un Mariachi?"
"Por que Antonio?"
"Mira, aye-aye-aye-aye"
poor Justin. Antonio told us, "tonight, either buy him some dramamine, or some mariachi lessons, I do not like his singing...."
(point! I did the same very next day)

Brad puts boat into scale

Look! I caught,,,, well, it is the bait...

Justin and Brad at WORLD FAMOUS McLulu's Tacos

this is what Chips and Salsa SHOULD look like

Tacos and tostadas

Dale, relaxing before dinner

Dan caught a few yellowfin tuna, and had the heads bbq'd tastes amazing, but...

Hotel LaMission, not where we stayed, this is the bathroom in the restaurant, the cleanest and tidiest bathroom in Loreto.

Justin caught a fish

YellowFin Tuna!

Brad? Cabrillo, or Sea Bass they come up from very deep, and the pressure change turns them inside out

Mike, Dennis and Dale by the boat at Playa Blanca off Coronado Island

Brad still on the boat

clowning around

Yellowfin and sea bass

kids wheel them from the beach to the processing plant

Justin in front of his yellowfin

me in front of the teeny tiny red snapper I caught. (we got skunked!)

brad and fish

processing plant

lunch plate at the hotel

this is a darn lot of yellow tuna sashimi

with soy & wasabi and a margarita? yum!

Went for Dinner at Papagayo's, a new restaurant run by a retired Houston Realtor named Lee
Justin stares adoringly at Brad

I have a rita

Brad has a Rita

Lee told us he made the best Key Lime Pie ever, he may be right

in Raul's truck on the way back

This is the roll-a-way bed I was on

it is very sturdy, that is steel!

for some reason, whenever I see the police...

Brad, trying on fishing hats

in the airport, nearly home

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