Monday, April 13, 2015

Photos and comments in messed up order (not specific, not chronological)

Sunday, April 12, Metcalf Motorcycle Park, - riding down some small trails through the manzanita

Saturday, April 11 - Saul got a big-boy haircut - letting Julie use clippers!

May 29th, Metcalf, Jumping the Super Tenere!  

Late May, in Lunghi, at Ugadi party at work  (Hyderabad New Year)

Took Saul to see the movie Home!

Had dinner with my pals at House of Prime Rib - Penny got the bones!

Penny hanging out in the front yard

Saul - correcting graffiti on our driveway - March 14th?

Before I shaved - the Classic Handlebar!

Saul got a Yamaha YSR 50 track bike   I made him disassemble it for work/resto

he twisted every bolt and nut.   got ALL the bodywork off by himself

Hanging in the park with the dog

Saul wanted to jump in a pile of leaves.  this was mid March

Matt and I went for dinner at the GrandView Restaurant up on Mt. Hamilton.  the Prime Rib was one of the best I've ever had.


The sunset was not half bad either

After shaving off the Moustache

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