Saturday, September 30, 2006

Now this is an interesting sign you wouldn't see every day.

From Kate, who saw it outside Beaver Dam last year

Mr. Tarzan was being a wise guy last night at 3am. He was awake, so I tried to feed him with the bottle. He would take the bottle for a suck or two, then push it out of his mouth, smile a HUGE smile, then spit/dribble/drool all the milk out.

That hooligan. So I gave up and tubed him. He was grinning and smiling and saying "ma ma ma ma ma"

1/2 way through the tube, I began singing to him so he would sleep again. "ahhh ahhh ahhh baby" like my dad used to sing to us. Cause really, neither dad nor I can sing.

It worked, he slept.

Friday, September 29, 2006

this in from Sara:

Saul wore long pants for the first time today. The old man with waistband up to his armpits look is so gonna be hot next season. :)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I think I may cut this article out and post it on my neighbor's door. He feeds the rodents

any Squirrels get near Tarzan, and I am whackin them

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sleep, glorious sleep. Sara took the midnight feeding last night, and Julia came over for the 3am.

and I slept. From 11:45pm till 8:30am.

it was really good for me.

Saul visited Dr. Contini. He weighs 8lbs 13oz. so he is gaining. We discussed, we got some shots, we got some perscriptions, we are working on the thrush. We got some zantac for possible reflux.

Will see what happens.

Interesting shot of the day from Noemi. (actually from her brother who lives in Brooklyn)

Monday, September 25, 2006

behold the WONDER of the magic swing. He saw the fishes, and is enthralled!

Art is Rat spelled sideways.

So I post about the kiddo, and about how tired I am, and about bikes and stuff. But today I had a thought.

I am asking all my pals wo start carrying their digital cameras around. Take photos of interesting things you see in daily life. Not like, wild dancers at burning man, but an interesting sign, or someone doing something stupid, but in a natural setting

and email them to me.

I think I may start posting an "interesting photo" per day shot or something. Nothing staged, and I will give you props.

It is just a thought.

Oh, at 3am Tarzan had fierce gas, ate, barfed a little, then made the most tremendous poop I have seen yet.

today we go visit Dr. Contini.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Shana Tova!

So, Tarzan got a shower this morning. Julia came over last night to help. Sara and I both got some sleep. YAY Julia!

Here she is drying Tarzan after his shower.

And the finished dressed young lad.

BEHOLD! the wonders of the Fisher Price Cradle Swing! WHY didn't we do this weeks ago?

Friday, September 22, 2006

bagged out on the couch last night

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tarzan was a sleepy puppy for his feedings last night. Which was good for me, not so good for him eating more. but I tubed him and away we go.

I also 'loaned' my harley to my pal Colin, he will play with it this weekend. If he likes it, I will need to make serious decisions, and maybe sell it.

My XR came back from a tuneup yesterday, and Sara's DRZ is in for a tune up. The Ducati is in for a tune up.

With all the bikes out of the garage, it has me thinking. Maybe the Sportster and the Royal Enfield need to go. Will see.

Then I stopped by Don's place on the way home. He is the guy building/selling me the sidecar rig for Tarzan.

We initially discussed putting a Jupiter sidecar on the outfit, till he tripped across this incredibly cool Steib TR500

(yes, it needs to be cleaned, re-uphoulstered, and some bodywork) Don will put a /5 wheel with brake on it, for more stopping power.

but, in the long run, it will be worth much more than the Jupiter, has more storage, a more solid tub, and I like it better, even though Sara thinks the fender looks gay.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tacos Last night

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sara & Miwako play the "Show me your Tongue" game with Tarzan on Sunday afternoon.

He is getting to the point where he will mimic what he sees, and the "Show me your Tongue" game is very fun.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Saul and I went to visit Dr. McCracken today. She FINALLY saw the thrush, and said "yes, it MAY be a contributing factor" add to that weight and strength.

So we bump him up to 75ml at every feeding, and add the nystatin back in to the thrush regimine.

She agrees, my plan of feed him, measure, watch, treat thrush is a good way to go, and we decided to hold off on "G-Tube" to his belly, which requires surgery, and to hold off on the Barium upper GI. We will wait 1 month, monitoring him for weight gain, and watching him improve.

I think it was a GOOD visit.

Then I took him to work with me, got some stuff done, fed him, let him wander around and charm all the wimmen, then come home.

We got home, and he commenced to screamin and hollering. He wants his mommy. She was out shopping for japanese food with her japanese freinds who are visiting.

she got home, and took him for a walk.

Will hope for "better" soon.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Julia came over after work last night (12:30am) and stayed the night to help with the feedings. I woke up to hep her at 3, and Sara at 6, but she is there, she knows how to deal with the tube

the HOPE is she will be able to come by a few nights and watch him, while we sleep.

YAY Auntie Julia!

and by YAY, I mean "you are a lifesaving princess whom I can never repay"

then this morning Matt & I rode dirtbikes at Metcalf for about 1.5 hours, then came back home. This is most of the physical activity I get, and almost all of the mental relaxxation.

3 of Sara's pals from Japan arrived, we went for Steak & Eggs, then home. They are sleeping off jet-lag.

I retaped Tarzan's nose tube. the tape gets goopy and slides, so I re-taped it.

he is good.

I think Sara and I may take a walk.

(in a completely random, unrelated note, I need to trim my fingernails)

unrelated #2.

Nun shot dead as Islam retaliates over Pope's comments

lets see, the Pope kinda says, "Islam is a violent religion"
A bunch of Islamic folks kinda say "no, we are not"
then to prove it, they riot, turn down the Pope's apology, and kill nuns.

Color me silly, but weren't the Great Crusades an nearly 200 year embodiment of the Pope's anger at Islam? An attempt to retake Jerusalem?

Now I'm just sayin, if they piss him off enough, the Pope may decide it's time for the Catholic Church to go back to war.

And I KNOW nuns. You get enough of them mad at you? and you are in serious trouble. I'd put a ruler-equipped, highly pissed off Nun up against a Green Beret any day. They are tough.

Here's what I'm sayin. Accept his apology, let it GO. Otherwise? a modern crusade would make President Bush's stupidity in Iraq (wait for his next action in Iran) look like child's play.

Listen up Islam. Do NOT piss off the Catholics. Unlike the Americans, they are world wide, well funded, quick breeding, don't put up with much and they hold a grudge.

Yep, We are not violent at all!

is the end of days near?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

well now THIS explains a lot.

Anyhow, Saul still does not like eating. Sara got him all dressed up last night, and just as we were walking out the door? ARF! he woofed on everything.

But, as you can see in the photo, his cheeks are filling out, he is a bit more rounded

of course the big, baggy outfit does not tell you much about what is under it.

Sara got all ready to go out for a ride this morning, but sadly, her bike developed a flat. I just finished replacing the front tube. :(

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tarzan went wild tonight. He was crying and hooting up a storm when I got home, and did not really calm down at all.

then around 8pm, he got very excited, and yanked his NG tube out.

Do you know what happens when your infant yanks his NG tube out?

You insert a new one. that's what.

I am banking more and more on the fact that he has Thrush, we have NOT cured it, and I truly think that is the resason he will not eat. Once the Thrush is cleaned up? I'd bet money, marbles or chalk, that he will start eating.

In other news, Governor Ann Richards died. I just saw it on the CNN.

Years ago when I was at the political powerhouse firm of Emory, Young & Associates, we modelled the governor's race based on historical turnout, and predicted her loss by TWO points. We carried this model to her campaign committee, with suggestions of how to better spend resources, and get re-elected. They were not interested, and well, they lost.

What does all this mean? Nothing, it is just a lead in for one of my two favorite stories about Governor Richards.

As a political consultant, I sat in my office and drank a lot. This is an office in TEXAS. None of this California Politically Correct Hippie Bullshit. That's an open bottle of tequila, and if you look on the wall? Those are EasyRiders magazine centerfolds with nekkid wimmen on motorcycles.

I was also the only associate with balls big enough to go into my bosses office, wear his hat, sit at his desk, and prop my feet up.

anyhow, after a long night of data crunching, I was in the conference room and I told one of my favorite jokes.

Ann Richards goes to see a plastic surgeon about a face lift.

He tells her "Governor, I've got good news and I've got bad news, which do you want?"

She says "Bad First"

"Well," he says, "We can do a facelift, but its a heck of a lot of work and is gonna cost $10,000."

"TEN THOUSAND!" she replies, "well, whats the good news?"

"There will be enough left over to make you a new pair of boots!"

So one of the guys in the conference room was on her staff, and went back to her office to repeat my damned hilarious joke.

Peck Young's phone rang later that afternoon, and he called me into his office. Put his hand over the mouthpiece of his phone and said "Charles, it's the Governor, she is not happy, and I am about to yell at you. Do the right thing"

Then he uncovered the phone and said "Yes Ma'am Governor Richards, he is here. One moment"

then to me "God DAMNIT STATMAN, why can't you keep your big mouth shut? I cannot believe you would tell an insulting joke about our wonderful Governor. I ought to fire your ass on the spot. What do you have to say for yourself???"

And I said "I am sorry Mr. Young, I was up all night crunching numbers and poll results for her, and I was tired. It was bad judgement on my part, I am very sorry sir, and I hope you can forgive me, and not fire me. Ladybird the Wonderdog would not like being homeless. Neither would I."

Then he said "Okay, maybe she will accept an apology, now get out of here." but he motioned me to stay in the room.

"Yes Governor, I yelled, yes Ma'am, Yes, it IS a funny joke, but no, he was chastised. Yes Ma'am. Have a good afternoon"

Then he hung up, and told me if I have to tell any more jokes, make sure none of the goddamn weasels from her campaign staff are in the room.

She was a good one. Probably the last Democrat in power in Texas for a long time. RIP Governor Richards.

Texarkana IS close to Judson, Texas.

and Shreveport? We all know, is where folks go to do bad things.

Combine the two? Mayhem

on the national news

wow, this is interesting. You can request a FREE copy of your credit report.

No, not "pay" really free.

article through the consumerist.

what did I find out?

they think I am still living in Texas, I work for Dell or Emory & Young, and I changed my last name to my Ex-Wife's last name.

Transunion allows you to submit disputes, and change info

Equifax has best list of credit accounts I have had

Experian has the best list of places I have lived, and names I may have used (often spelled wrong) and a great listing of who has viewed my credit reports

Oh, but they think I was born 4 years later than I was.

and I lived in 3 PO boxes I never lived in

all in all?

and interesting investment of 30 mins.

Monday, September 11, 2006

from when Sara's mom was visiting

Sherry visiting

This afternoon Napping on the couch (like, 5 mins ago, 4:10pm)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

yes I am tired. I am sorry if I am snippy on the phone.

Saul looks like he is gaining weight. And we keep putting food in him.

feed EVERY THREE HOURS, no matter what

here is the night time routine. the only difference in daytime is? not to & from bed.

Wake him
unwrap him
change him if he is wet
get him on couch
get milk from out of fridge
heat milk
attempt to bottle feed. he may drink 10 - 30 ml
when he gives up, swaddle him tightly, to keep arms in place
use empty 5ml syringe to pull fluid through nose tube out of stomach
attach 60ml syringe to nose tube
pour remaining milk into 60ml syringe
hold and gravity feed remaining milk ~ 15 mins
remove 60 ml syringe
attach 3ml syringe with filtered water
push through nose tube to clear it.
remove 3ml syringe
have him sit quietly 3-5 mins, to make sure no barfing
clean up: bottle, nipple, syringes, put on drying rack
check for wet diaper, change
take Saul to bed

set alarm for next 3 hour interval, attempt to sleep

in between these, maybe every 3rd feeding, Sara pumps milk.

Setup pump
pump milk
clean pump
measure milk
mix milk with "Good Start" additive (1/2tsp to every 30ml milk)
measure milk into 65ml bottles, label and refrigerate for next feedings
clean pump bottles, storage bottles, mixing bottles

then toss into all this, change diapers, clean barfed on blankets and clothes, give medecines (which promote barfing)

During the week, I try to take the midnight, 3am, 6am feedings, so Sara gets good sleep, and will be ready for the daytime, when she needs to be at home alone, so I can go to work

During the day? I work, and she stays home and does all these routines till I get home and can help.

she did the 6am feeding today, so I could sleep late, but there was a problem with the NG tube, it had a vacuum for some reason, so I got up to help. vacuum issue went away when I changed and burped him.

then, cause it is a saturday? I went back to bed, from 7 - 9:30. it was nice.

However, his cheeks are a bit fuller, and he may be gaining weight, it looks like it. Eventually he will decide he likes to eat, and start.

So if you call, and I am more than a little snippy? I am sorry, I am tired.

oops, he is crying... more later

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Kate's photos from her trip out here. She caught a great photo (last week) of Sara demonstrating how we feed him the 2nd ounce.

every three hours, no matter what, he gets 1 ounce in a bottle (if he will take it) and the remaining 65ml through the tube.

which means, every 3 hours, prepare a bottle, feed him as much as he will take, then use a syringe to pull from his stomach, so the tube is only liquid, then sqitch to a big syringe and gravity feed the rest into him, then switch to a 3rd syringe to flush the tube with water.

Then burp him. Change him if required, and wash all the bottles, syringes, and stuff.

Every 3 hours. (that includes midnight, 3am, 6am)

So we are tired, a lot. But it is paying off, he is gaining some weight, and was up to 8lbs yesterday. He looks better daily, and has more energy.

when he is 10? he will clean bikes, wash cars, take mommy snowboarding, and do anything else we want, or we WILL show these photos and remind him! :D ha!

more photos coming soon

Monday, September 04, 2006

Website of people jumping on beds. What could be more fun?

Going for a motorcycle ride! Yesterday morning I took the KTM to Metcalf park, and rode for about an hour before the dread pinch flat. The front tire went flat, I came home. Antonio stopped by and forced me to spend $21 for a HEAVY DUTY inner-tube, so this does not happen again.

Then? Sara went with Joann for a ride up mount hamilton. Really, the photo says it all. Look at that smile.

zipped up and departing

Then Antonio & I forced Sara's mom to go to the Sherwood Inn for Steak & Eggs & Bloody Marys. But she had belgian waffles.

Saul was very good during brunch, till we finished, he woke up and started an academy awards performance. We paid & left. and figured he was mad, when he realized he was not getting any steaks

Sara mixing the milk & fortifier in our home chemistry lab

last night, he was also somewhat grumpy, crying and fussing, and burping and grumbling. Finally, he calmed down this morning

Sara and one calm kiddo, in socks Julia's mom sent him.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Saul is home. He ate last night, but had to be tube fed.

This morning the home health care nurse arrived, and weighed him, and offered all sorts of advice on how to do things, and how to do things better. That was good.

Kate is baking chocolate chip cookies.

Sara, Kate & their mom just took Tarzan for a walk in the stroller.

i am working from home

Saul & Sara are home. We all had dinner at the house. He seems to be in the pattern of taking all 65ml from the bottle during the day, then needing it through the nose at night.

We'll see if he changes, but for now? 65ml at 27cal, every 3 hours, no matter what.

all my best.


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