Thursday, April 28, 2011

Well, as Julia commented, I am a "milk toast" of course, she is not riding a 1970 350 cc bike with NO fairing, drum brakes, 1" wide tires and flat out top speed is 75. But i digress! :P

Today, I went to pickup the sprinter in the afternoon, when it was warmer

I left work at 4pm on my 1971 Honda CB 175.

and lane split down hwy 101 to Gilroy. Drum brakes, 70mph flat out, tucked under the tank paint, OPEN scrambler pipes (loud) with a leaking countershaft sprocket seal that oiled up the rear tire nicely.

There was some accident in Morgan Hill, everything was backed up, so I split most of the way. My speedo cable broke right after i passed the traffic accident, so I am not sure how fast I was going, but if RPMs are consistent indicator, probably ~ 70. Then I ran out of gas right before my exit, but managed to get switched to reserve before any pushing or radical exit plans were required.

The 175 is a mix of colors, faded red, gold, black, no grip on the left clip-on, no mirrors, basically, a rat bike.

But? got me to the truck in style. No one else on the hwy was on a 1971 Honda 175, the harley guys all gave me thumbs up, till I passed them, and they heard what open pipes on a bike turning 11,000rpms sound like.

It was all fun and games.

Got the sprinter. took the above shot of 175. She leaked enough oil to mark her spot at the dealership.

then home in the truck, I figured out what the problem on the way down was. VERY VERY high winds, tailwind on the bike, headwind in the truck, and side winds thrown in was what was pushing me all over the highway.

Alltogether a fun ride, happy to have the truck back. very sore and stiff now. My back will remind me, last time I raced that 175? I was ~ 33, not ~ 46. WOW. ouch!

home and Saul came to the truck to give me a special welcome home greeting. a nice hug and kiss. Life is good.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This morning, I needed to drop my Sprinter with Jim M at the Dodge house in Gilroy for service. So I woke up at 6, had a shower, ate some healthy raisin bran, and drove to the dodge house.

Pulled my 1970 Honda CL350 out of the back of the Sprinter. Fred the Red!

I had a meeting scheduled from 8:30 - 9:30 so I wanted to ride as fast as I could, and get to work.

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at ~ 75mph, a 1970 CL 350 Honda has a fierce vibration.

I was worried about the theoretical infrasonic frequency.

and? colder than an iditarod husky's nut-sack

But made it to work, only 20 mins late for the meeting, which is still going on.

all is well, Sprinter will get needed service, I got to ride a bike, and all is well.

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