Saturday, November 30, 2002

Had to go to the 600 mile service on the DRZ. Redwood City Honda, here I come....


thought "why ride 280? take steven's canyon to 9, to skyline, to 84 to el Camino!"

Well, he caught me on 84. you know that 90 to the left after portola, where it flattens out?

you know, the speed limit IS 35 there.

My ticket says 61. But he was at least nice about it.

time for driving school, or whatever...

Tuesday, November 26, 2002


Viva Las Vegas!
I left work Thursday knowing Friday morning would see me on an airplane for a FOUR day weekend of relaxation and silliness. Or something like that. Little did I know how much money I would be throwing in the street in the days to come.

Started out early, with a 9am shuttle to San Francisco airport. The driver was from Nigeria, and drove like a mad banshee. At one point on Hwy 280 he hit 95mph. In a shuttle van! Yahoo. But the strawberry air freshner tree was not doing its full job, this fellow obviously showers once a week, whether needed or not. And we were towards the END of the week, if you know what I am saying.

Arrive at SFO, check luggage, find the gate, sit and wait. Rebecca joined us shortly, and we went for muffins, coffee, croissants, and she tried for a drink, but the bar staff was less than attentive. Load the plane, and fly on out to Vegas. Where? Vegas Baby! Vegas!

After an uneventful flight, we land, need to get to the Sahara Hotel,

ground transport in Vegas makes no sense whatsoever. We took some sort of luxury Lincoln Valet thingey. After all’s said & done, I now know, take a cab. Quick & cheap. However, the driver of the Lincoln was friendly, played some nice tunes, and made jokes. We passed many of the signs for the shows, and I cannot remember much, other than The “Star Trek Experience” which Rebecca and Sara morphed into “Star Trek on Ice” and were giggling furiously over.

Arriving at the Sahara, I am ready to check into my “deluxe” room, that I reserved on the internet. Close to all my pals who are joining us, of course. Well, till I spoke to the insolent, rude, nasty son of a bitch at the counter. “Desi” said his nametag. But he wasn’t. I was just absolutely stunned at how rude he was, and it pretty much set the tone and attitude for my stay at the once great, but now faded Sahara.

“No, all rooms are the same”
“We do not reserve rooms till you get here”
“We’ll put your friends in rooms as they arrive”
“Your room will NOT be ready till 3”
“I do not care where you put your luggage”
“What you did on the internet does not matter”

You know, the more I think about it, the more I want to send letter of complaint. On the other hand, I never want to go back to the Sahara, so a letter would be a waste of more money.

Rebecca checked into a double room, Sara and I tossed our luggage in her room, then went downstairs to meet up with Dale & Joan. We all hopped a cab to the strip, well, the NEW strip. The other END of the strip from the Sahara. The Strip where the hotels were nice, and everything was clean. The place we SHOULD have stayed.

Wandered around, had some food, had some cocktails, got lost for a bit, memory blurry,

Treasure Island! Pirate bar! Pirate Show! Fruity Drinks! Pirate Show. Big Ships, explosions, fire, do not stand up, we have black powder & stuff” great drinks. Yummilicious.

saw ceaser’s fountains, fondled some statues, Left and headed back to hotel? Maybe? Played some dollar blackjack and lost some dollars. Went to sleep.

we all met up and went to the Venetian.

Jack made it in, so did Robert & Linda. We all went to Grand Lux Café,

where breakfast was delicious. The restaurant was clean and tidy, there were no screaming kids, fat old retirees in shorts, etc… The Venetian? VERY high on my list of “if I ever go back to Vegas, this is where I will stay”

After brunch, we made for the Guggenheim Exhibit “The Art of the Motorcycle”.

I have often said I could look at motorcycles all day long. Well, they proved I could not. After a few hours, I was overwhelmed. Yep, I hit my motorcycle viewing rev-limiter. BANG. I was tired, and wanted to sit.

But I did get to see some amazing rides, that I will never be able to see again. Ever. It was brilliant. I highly recommend it.

We left the Motorcycle exhibit and split up to go roundabout ways, and regroup for dinner. Sara & Jack went shopping, she bought new underclothes, he bought nothing. I do not know where Robert & Linda went, or Dale & Joan. Rebecca and I went to Sephora in the Venetian to look for red mascara for her. apparently they no longer MAKE the “Artistic” line, and we bailed for the Sahara so I could change.
Cab ride back to HELL, wander through the lobby of our dumpy, old school casino, and up to the room to change. Into the Tux! YAY Vegas! People should DRESS for Vegas. None of this shorts & t shirt rubbish. Sammy & Dean! Rat Pack to the MAX. Wear a damn TUX people!

Left the room, met with Rebecca, went out for a cab. The gal calling cabs asked “which chapel are you headed to?” and we just laughed. V funny. I am dressed nice, she is wearing a dress also, we must be getting married? Hello? I declined and asked for a cab to the Paris another FINE hotel, where we should have stayed. We met at Mon Ami Gabi for dinner. But arrived early, so we wandered around. Passed about 5 wedding chapels, and joked “wouldn’t it be funny if when Sara got here, we said ‘you’ll never guess what we did’?” but then decided it would backfire, cause she & Jack would have laughed and held up rings too! J Vegas is a silly place. No one got married.

We all met and had some very delicious and tasty food. Yummy. Saw some squids on motorcycles do stupid things, then the group split, as some were going to watch Pen & Teller, others were cheap. Sara, Rebecca and I walked almost the full length of the strip, to New York Casino, which has a roller coaster.
It was much too crowded & hectic, I was glad we did not stay there, but the roller coaster was fun. The bartender suggested Venus, a Tiki Bar at the Venetian, done in 1950’s pop-u-luxe style. So we wandered BACK down the strip to the Venetian.

this was like a bar in Austin. Like Chuy’s meets Vegas, and jams it into a small room.

Rebecca ordered fruity drinks (mai-tais we found out) and we drank and waited for Dale & Joan & Jack to join us after the Pen & Teller show. Now you need to know, Rebecca has VERY long hair. Which she wraps up in pony tails, and then balls up kind of like Princess Leia Star Wars. So she was jamming all the swizzle sticks & umbrellas into the hair, and it made for quite an adornment.

Sara decided to have a drink. Now she stopped drinking a while back, and it has been a good thing. But every so often, we feel, it may be good to have one. Then be stopped. Which we did. She got tipsy, then felt like hell in the morning, and remembers why she does not drink. It was an okay experiment, and my baby is not all blotto and passed out right now. YAY!

Drinks at the bar, pilferage of tiki cups, and we were all tired, back to the Sahara for some dollar blackjack and sleep. Rebecca had an early flight, so that’s the last we saw of her.

Breakfast at the Sahara Buffet. $10/person, all you can eat, 9am, we went back to the room after to change for the pool, but fell asleep instead. Dale & Joan watched football games, Jack & Linda & Robert were out somewhere.

Sunday afternoon Sara & I went to the pool, she soaked in the hot-tub, I rested.

Sunday evening, we went to the Luxor to see the sights, and decided to watch a show. Since Charo was on vacation at the Sahara, (MUCH to monkey’s disappointment) we saw the Blue Man Group at the Luxor.

I am totally at a loss for words, it was an amazing show. Just amazing.

After, we went to Mortons for dinner ummm, I had the best steak since leaving Texas, and it was on par with Texas steak houses. Oh my goodness, I wanted to touch myself afterwards. No salads, no sides, I KNEW what I was after. Porterhouse, medium rare, no toppings, bring me the cow.

Sara had Salmon, Jack had veggies, Dale & Joan split a porterhouse. I was in ecstasy.

After dinner, cab back to the hotel, to bed. Slept late.

We met Dale & Joan at about 11:30 and took a cab to the Venetian, where we had a light lunch, then back to sahara, checkout and cab to airport.

Sara & I checked bags, and pulled the magic “search me” tickets. But they managed to be pretty quick, flew into San Jose, Dale & Joan dropped us at the house, answered emails, did laundry, and split for the Monday Night Ride.

Next post.

Friday, November 22, 2002

So at dinner with the boss, discussion turned to the gas we pass, (don't ask how) and I remembered Josef Pujol, known as "Le Petomane" and popped up a few links to him, for your enjoyment.

On my way to vegas, back tuesday.

Saturday, November 16, 2002

just picked it up in SF. In yellow.


Thursday, November 14, 2002

Be careful, I am on a rant.

So my pal Julia sent out a joke this morning, Classic.

Yankee does rolling stop, Texas Trooper pulls him over, argument ensues, “no one was around, I slowed down then continued” Trooper says “no you must come to complete stop” more talk, then Texas Trooper pulls yankee out of car and proceeds to beat hell out of him, then asks “should I slow down, or come to complete stop” Yep, Texans illustrating through example. Tee hee.

But it got me to thinking about all the wannabe fascist sons of bitches here in San Jose. They HATE motorcyclists, with a passion. Will ticket you and offer to take you to jail at the drop of a hat. Why? Cause they got no REAL crimes to solve. Rebecca jokes that in San Francisco, they look at you, say “you ain’t killin someone or rapin someone, get out of here”

Well, yeah. Exactly

So I thought more about Texas, and did some web surfing to remind me.

Texas DPS does NOT mess around.

Top Ten Criminals in Texas? On the DPS web site:
look at the crimes: Murder, 3 counts, Kidnapping, Assault with deadly weapon, registered sex offender, and my favorite :attempted Capital Murder of a Police Officer” Hell yes they list what you did.

Sex Offender Search? On the web!
this is good stuff, agree, go to the web page, scroll to search by Zip, enter 78758, Austin, by my pal Doug’s house.

Oh yeah, they list your address, they post your picture. they even put in your shoe size. People KNOW if you have been bad.

Texas Rangers the baddest of the bad.

And in California?

The DMV’s page:

a whole bunch of panty-waist crap about how we cannot be held liable, and we have to protect the rights of the criminals, etc. etc. etc.

and here is how to find out about sex offenders in California.

if you can figure it out, he’s already raped your babies.

So in summary, Yes, Texas Troopers are bad ass dudes. To quote from 1935 press releases:

“The modern Ranger has risen to the challenge and has accepted the traditional expectation to be the very best. Rangers are better trained, and educated then ever before in the history. Even though their number has just reached just over the 100 mark, they still fall way short of one Ranger for each of the 254 counties in Texas. Yet, with the repetition of "One riot, one Ranger," the Rangers don’t seem to need a massive group to accomplish their mission and maintain their reputation.”

In contrast,
San Jose Police Department:

LOOK! I’m on a Horsey!

Yes Julia, you are right, Texas Troopers will yank you out the car and beat your ass if you back-talk them.

San Jose Motorcycle Cops may yank you off your bike and yell a lot, and drag you to jail for speeding, unless you are really a criminal, then they will run the other way and call for backup. Oh, unless COPS is around with the TV cameras rolling. "bad boys, bad boys, what-cha gonna do?"

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Okay, long weekend, and I have not posted enough. My bad.

Friday: I do not remember, I think I went out for dinner, we MAY have gone to original joes, then went to bed.

Saturday: Spent most of the day in bed. Then went and saw the new Eddie Murphy/Owen Wilson flick "I Spy" Yes, it is the first funny movie Murphy has made in a LONG damn time. I very much like Owen Wilson too. We ate too much popcorn, and I had the worst headache by the time we got home.

Sunday: International Motorcycle Show in San Mateo. Got wet, riding up in the rain, but had a great time. Saw my next motorcycle. The Suzuki DRZ400

dual sport, water cooled, can play in dirt or street, I think I will buy motard rims and race in the super tt.

Monday we had a new thing. Sara and I agreed, we are way too busy, and the house is filthy. Since I am a big fat money waster, I may as well waste it productively, we hired a housekeeping service. At Elaine's recommendation, we hired Rosie's Busy Bees Housecleaning. And you know what? It was worth every cent.

we had to clean a bunch of our own clutter, just to be able to clear enough for the service. Then they came and whupped up on the house. Brilliant, Beautiful, worth every cent. YAY Rosie! Yay Elaine! Yay Sara! YAY clean condoo!

I also sold the XR 600. Sad to see it go, Monster hooligan bike, but happy the guy who got it will enjoy it.

And I figured out how to clear off my travel expense report, and should be getting reimbursed soon.


so I can go get the DRZ.

and now it is wednesday, and I need to go to a meeting.

Thursday, November 07, 2002

I started the day off giving a presentation, then had lunch with a guy from Austin, who MAY be moving here, then spent the afternoon having the most wonderful email conversation with a very good friend about life and relations and what all people COULD do if we only tried.

It has been a great day.

Robert Craig Knieval.

one of my heroes, a man who inspired me.

said many cool things, here are some of my favorites.

"I am an American, that means Amer-I-CAN, to continue to be a great country, we have to remember the 'I-CAN' part and not give up"

"It is better to take a chance in life, to win a victory or suffer defeat, even though scarred by failure than it is to live in the shadow of life, as some do, never knowing a victory or defeat because they have not the guts to try either!"

this guy was jumping on a HARD TAIL Harley. Balls the size of a bull!

Now I do not jump my bike, not intentionally at least, but I am still inspired by a few men in my life, who are my heroes:

Robert Craig Knieval who finally taught me not to give up

VG Rollins, my scoutmaster who told me when I was ready to quit the hike "It's just over that next hill" and taught me the value of perseverance

and my Father, who put up with me for years. I actually managed to vomit in every single new car he bought untill after I got out of college , AND I destroyed his favorite car, a V-8 Oldsmobile Cutlass. Yet he still loves me.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Suggested Epitath

It'll all be okay,
cause in the end,
I have ridden motorcycles,
had good pals,
been known to drink to excess
and made everybody laugh.

I met with Ms. X, offered up olives (cause I could not find an olive branch), and spoke.

Like Flash brilliantly suggested, I TRIED. I went, I talked, I offered.

So I tried, and I feel better.


Tuesday, November 05, 2002

so it is monday just after midnight, well, that makes it Tuesday, and I cannot sleep. Not that there is anything going on, I just cannot sleep. Sara is not feeling great, Keith is sick, Larissa just got over strep throat, Julia and Mark are not feleing well, everyone I know seems to be ill. and I hope I do not join them.

Saturday was a great Party. Eric & Lissa celebrate Haloween like other folks celebrate christmas. they have boxes and boxes of decorations, they really DO their house up, and potluck at the Bong-Shoun household is always grand, they are good friends, and they have good friends. Sara and I baked a squash and potato thing, it was dee-lish, yummified.

Oh, then I helped Lissa, and we blew fire. Firebreathing is really cool, and definitely something I could get into as another hobby. Of course, I need another hobby like I need a hole in my head.....

What else? saturday morning Sara and I went for a MC ride. She took the 400, and is beginning to realize her 929 is about the same weight, but with more power. sunday went dirt riding at Hollister Hills with my pal Greg. Whee. Playin in the dirt is fun!

This morning we IM'd a little about possibly selling the 400, then the XR 600, and replacing them with a 400 Dual Sport (dirt and street) and 2 small (<125cc) dirt bikes. Selling the XR and it's spare motor, and the FZR and all it's spares would free up enough room in the gargae to allow for 2 big and 2 small. may look into this......

so work is going well, I am still really excited about the job, it is a wonderful learning and growing opportunity for me.

The down side is my friend (let's call her Ms. X) has not spoken to me in over a month. And I am not sure why. I mean, she mentioned she did not want me to take the job promotion, but provided no reasons other than working for same boss. She was not in line for the job. And then she got mad when I advanced my career, and went for more opportunity? Before this promotion, I was ready to leave the company, because I was totally dead ended.

I can make a bunch of assumptions. Like, I know she prefers to seperate work life from social life, so having me report to the same boss she does could cross that social/work line. 2 years ago, Keith (same boss) hired me, then I was re-orged to someone else. So we would have been on the same team then, what is different NOW?

And really, shouldn't a FRIEND of mine be happy that I am doing something I enjoy, and learning, and advancing my career?

So I keep trying to think of what to do. I mean, OBVIOUSLY, I should go talk to her, and ask what it's all about.

But I have that fear. the same FEAR I had with my ex-wife. Fear of being hollered at, made to feel horrible, made to feel small, worthless, and afraid. The other day when I passed her (Ms. X) in the hall, and I said "hello" she shot me the exact same look Rona used to give me when she was mad. Oh, right, Rona was mad ALL the damn time, and nearly drove me suicidal. Oh yeah, that (marriage) was the first thing I QUIT and ran from in about 15 years.

and really, I do not want to risk it, repeating those horrible feelings of helplessness, shame, humiliation and worse AGAIN, to someone I am NOT married to. I know communication breakdown is the worst, as it just festers resentment, but I do not want to walk back into that same "controlling" situation.

How long can 2 adults, who are supposedly friends, spend working for the same guy, and not talking? I may get to find out.

Okay, it is 12:30, and I am sleepy now.

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