Sunday, December 30, 2007

brilliant essay on the theater of the absurd. it's just an act

Thursday, December 27, 2007

so today is my father's birthday. And I suck, cause I have not done anything but call.

I started looking for a strip-o-gram, then realized it is a horrible idea. In Longview, North East Texas? Either she's a meth freak and would burglarize the place, or? young boobs, and he'd have a heart attack, and I would be the reason.

But still, what turns up on the interweb?

J's Place! The video is some Tv-commercial gone wrong, but the description under it is my favorite.

"This is a horrible commercial made for a wanna be strip club in Longview Texas. They say you will have an "enchanting" evening. The girls are supposed to be the "best looking girls in town" which is a hilarious joke. If you took a bunch of trailer park girls who have never been to the dentist, went to walmart or goodwill and bought some clothes, cut slits in the clothes and poured some grease in these girls hair... THAT is J's place! Please enjoy this sad pathetic commercial!"

UPDATE!!!!! My folks tell me we know the owner. Sorry Jeff, ya gotta get some better production on the commercial!

I especially like that they promote location location location. "Next to Johnny Cace's" This used to be THE FANCY PLACE in my home town. Pops would take us there on Sundays for lunch. And spoon the foam off his beer for me. I am positive Johnny Senior is spinning in his grave that this wannabe strip club is using his name to advertise. He truly made the effort to build a nice, classy place. I guess his family let it go?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

a Plethora of videos

(do you KNOW how many is a Plethora??)

Box Spin
- He likes to spin around, even when it makes him dizzy. He giggles some, falls down some, and then says "Apple" for mom.

- new fave on the toy list, Ruben our neighbor got Saul this truck. It has 4 cars with RFID sensors, which help it talk, and ask him to "load the green car" etc. He has played with it for a long time, continuously. Lots of attention span and focus. Very cool

Roedl Fleece
Uncle Tony sent this fleece to keep him warm when he is moving Earth around.

Cow Light
Cousin Taylor gave him this cow light. When Tarzan pulls the switch under the tail, it lights up and says MOO. At first he was skeptical, but mom convinced him it was fun. He briefly shows it to dad (with a great shot highlighting my swiftly diminishing amount of hair) then resumes play.

Rocking Horse Motorcycle Stunna
- Really, we try not to encourage this. but I think it is genetic. He rocks, then stands up, and briefly lifts his leg, ninja style. I am actually worried, and ask him to sit. With his low muscle tone, he falls a lot. So the rocking motorcycle lives up on a high cabinet, and he only plays with this one under close parent watchin.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Last night we had dinner at Mark & Julia's. it was brilliant. She made 18lb prime rib, and 2 lbs salmon, all the other good yummy stuff, and and and and had the entire dinner on the table at the same time, it was fabulous.

Tired. I have the cleanest bed linens in the bay area. And I am tired of it.

Saul has a headcold. he gets rid of it, then goes to daycare, and it comes right back. He is also teething. Back ones.

so? he barfs a lot. and? I clean it up. Usually late at night. Followed by some laundry, bed changes, and my soft "Ken Armann" hoodie gets washed yet again. It's cold at night, and I've discovered I LIKE sleeping in a hoodie. I do not know why, but I speculate the hood makes a nice neck support.

Anyhow, I DIGRESS!

So cleaned up last night, got him to sleep with Sara on clean sheets in the master bed, then I went to sleep in the computer room.

About 5am, he was just SCREAMING. Total fit. Sara was trying to change his diaper, but he would kick and scream, and was not cooperating. I speculate he was also hungry, as all the 9pm formula was on the bed, in the wash, and on my hoodie. I think the house was also too dry, as the only vaporizer was in the computer room. (nice and swampy in here!)

Sometimes you can only love him so much, and you have to be strong, grab him by the ankles, and change the damn wet diaper. Which I did. Then Sara managed to comfort him some. She gave him some water to fill him up till breakfast, or the 6:30am formula feeding.

Then he came to sleep with me. He curled up, on my left side, in my armpit, kind of like Ladybird used to. (1987 photo for reference only, i have not been that skinny in a long time)

When he was really really asleep? and backed into me, and got all nice and warm and cuddly? it made me feel pretty nice. It is moments like those, peaceful, snoring, calm, that wipe away the barf cleaning, the yelling, etc.

I could hear Sara snoring in her room, and it was great to know she was also resting.

so anyhow, he was taking a nap on the computer room bed earlier this afternoon. Napping very well. Very happy. for a LONG time. We often wonder, is it better to let him sleep, or wake him up.

When he is sick? I think it is better to let him sleep. and he did. from 2pm till about 5:30pm.

I heard him stirring and mumfbling, making those "baby is awake now, pay attention" noises. Went in to pick him up, and? he was soaking wet. as I lifted him? My hoodie? the one I washed last night? also got soaked through. with pee.

He was on top of the covers. and peed through the comforter, flat sheet, fitted sheet, featherbed cover, featherbed, but stopped before the futon.

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? when he was last changed? his enormous penis was sticking out of the left leg slightly. and he just unleashed that firehose and soaked the place!

got him cleaned up. got all the bedding in the wash, where it is now, got the featherbed rinsed and hanging in the garage to dry.

Fed him his latest concoction of protein and delight. You put 2 eggs in a pyrex bowl, and microwave them for 1.5 mins. then heat chicken noodle soup. Put 6oz chicken noodle soup, 2 eggs, and enough rice cereal to make it gummy into the Magic Bullet. Puree it. Pour it into 4oz ziploc snap & seal containers. refrigerate but heat and serve to him in < 24 hrs.

Lots protein, and he eats it.

Anyhow. now I am waiting for my re-re cleaned hoodie to come out of the dryer. again.

and attaching this video sara took. He is enjoying some cookies Kate sent. (yummy, LOVE you Kate, thanks!)

and now? I just want a nap. It was Xmas, and I did not have Chinese food. :(

Friday, December 21, 2007

Brilliant article from WebMD
11 "Don't-Tell-the-Wife" Secrets All Men Keep


and movie

this requires explanation.

I was layin on the bed with Tarzan, and he flopped facedown on my stomach. So I thought, push out, see what happens. It made his noggin bounce and elicited peals of laughter.

so we repeated for mom with camera.

the "don't bite' part is due to teething. after some bouncing, he would roll next to me, then reach over and BITE my arm. so see the bouncing, laughter, and understand the biting.

this one fascinated Sara, I am not so sure. he likes playing with my beard.

Sara captioned it as "Saul demonstrates the direct connection between man and ape by engaging in grooming behaviours."

Thursday, December 20, 2007

runny nose, cranky, not sleeping. Tarzan seems to have developed some of his back teeth. one is actually poking through. I know doctors SAY teething does not give runny nose or fever. they LIE.

so things have been a bit cranky at the house, therefore we have bot been all social and phone calling and stuff.

Sorry. Just resting when we can

SO, Hannukah is over, but the Christmas Madness is coming up. DO NOT WANT. Not out buying gifts, don't expect gifts, I was thinking a nice thing to do would be to rededicate ourselves to the second hand baby clothes supply chain.

get hand-me-downs
use hand-me-downs
give hand-me-downs

will work on it.

And if you really MUST get me something? the Ibistek VIPER would be nice, or even a trip for them to put a chain gun (SWARM system) on the sprinter.

And Chris? My idea about a tase proof jacket? someone already has a patent! Damnit, always behind...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tarzan needs a haircut. One of the ladies at Scribbles pointed out with his current hair, he looks like Charlie Bucket from Willie Wonka (the 1970's version played by Peter Ostrum)


completely unrelated and not blonde, Ike Turner just died. I cannot remember where, probably SNL, there was a parody/skit about Ike trying to win Tina back. "C'mon baby, Ike loves you, I won't hit you, c'mon back" with age and maturity, he worked to change his image. But still, i think if you are gonna be a dumbass and hit women? Tina probably isn't the one.

GIANT Sticky-Man climbs down building

when i was a kid, I really enjoyed eating oranges. for some reason, as an adult, i have grown away from them. maybe its the time requirement, peel, partition, seeds, cleanup, I do not really know. At Costco the other day, they had boxes of California Cuties on sale. Yummy? si. easy to peel, no seeds, they are probably somehow BAD for me, but I like them, and they are better for me than M&Ms

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

as promised, more hannukah photos

and playing with the elephant in the box

Monday, December 10, 2007

More Hannukah!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

as promised rocking horse motorcycle videos

Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Amazing Doctor Whozat, who I met buying the "Thing" years ago, has forwarded me one of the most brilliant YouTube Videos on Climate Change I have seen.

More direct link here:
if you want to forward it to more people

I highly recommend you spend the 9 minutes to view this high school science teacher's wonderful discussion on how to assess risk, and make decisions.

No, not a tree hugger, not a hippie, not an opec oil minister, not Al Gore. (man-bear-pig!) As he says "tour-de-force of logic and reasoning, backed up by a battalion of thoroughness and detail"

and it is humorous too!

video of Tarzan riding his wild motorcycle rocker coming up shortly.

Friday, December 07, 2007


December 7th. You know what today is. Or you should. here's a hint. 1941

Remember it.

You can hear FDR's "Day of Infamy" speech on this page

THAT was an action justifying mobilizing a nation to go to war.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> RANT ON <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Not the current bullshit we are mired down in. Again, NOT a Texan. 2nd paragraph, Born in New Haven, CT. To BE a Texan, ya gotta be born there.

My pal Flash said it. I believe it.

"The American Century is over. President George W. Bush drove the last nail in that coffin"

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hannukah Indulgences

We went to Mike & Evie's last night for the first night of Hannukah. It was fun, and Saul had a blast opening presents. I took video with the new camera, and posted them here in series.

(this may only be interesting for family, thus the indulgence part)

Saul starts on the paper, while Mike spins dreidls, you can also see Evie and Sara in this clip. You cannot see Steve, who is sitting to Sara's right.

unwrapping and very carefully throwing the paper on the floor!

note the care taken, throwing stuff on the floor, fierce concentration, and cool drumming!

he opens the box, watch for the unexpected twist!

He instructs Mike on his newest trick. Note, the tongue almost always comes out exactly 2 times.

He got a hand made yamika from Evie

and Steve shows what makes us happy! Dounuts!

In other news, Bed #4 arrived yesterday, hopefully it is the one.

My ankle is healing fine, I am walking without the compression bandage today, will see how it does by the end of the day.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007


an auction for some 1989 Baseball literature CHOCK FULL of great swears.

click the pix on the link 2x to enlarge, WOO HOOO!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Grandpa Buzz built me this step/chair/storage. I enjoy playing on it. I've used it to climb up onto the couch to grab the remote control. Daddy hides my toys inside, so it is always exciting when I open it up. And I like to sit on it and have a drink.

This weekend, I learned to put my chewie rings in the hand slots. it is very fun. I've been pretty vocal about it too!

Riding in the Corvair Van

Stalking mommy's cheese and crackers

Sporting a Motion Pro cap (thanks ChrisV)

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