Sunday, August 29, 2010

random sunday pix

Link to Sara's Wisconsin pix!

Saturday was baby shower for Paul and Rebecca. Her dad Ray is running for Alum Rock School Board, and is a great guy with brilliant plan, and if you have $20 layin around, you should plop it in the PayPal donation site on his web page. He says school board is the ONLY office, this is NOT the beginnings of a politician, but I believe in him, and know he would not be a politician, rather, a statesman.

anyhow, photos! (from the iPhone)

Here is Saul and Emiko playing with his etch-a-sketch

James taking a photo of Rebecca

Sara, now smiling!

Emiko strikes a pose

Does he know he doesn't stand a chance?

fortunately, she has a great sense of humor

playing outside, great city view

Saul pondering newtonian motion

passed out at the sushi bar. no more sake for him

playing backgammon with mom

Watching her move

Why are you interrupting our game???

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

work has been a little mental lately, and I have not had much posting.

My new phone is here. Iphone 4, yes, a love affair for me. I like it

Melissa, son Raphael and travelling companion Scott departed this morning, for points north east on bikes. godspeed

Saul and Sara are in Wisconsin visiting family.

I am working, cleaning house, and doing stuff, you know, STUFF. and things.

here are some disorganized photos

saul birthday card

spongebob ants in pants

tia julia

monkey PJs

Pirate Schwag from Aunt Donna

windy at Pesdacero State Park

Brad at 5 guys, is Order #1

Saul saving lemons for me in Wisconsin

some bridge in SF, as seen from Fort Mason Pier

Monday, August 09, 2010

insanely stupidly busy, need to catch up. have lots of photos to import, will work on it tomorrow some.

getting refi papers on the house in order

getting Saul & Sara ready to travel

making list of jobs to do round here

not sleeping well.

it is all good in perspective, it could be worse, so life is nice. We rode his bicycle around the block tonight, and he went to sleep "like a big boy" I read a story, turned off the lights, and left the room. will see how it works out.

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